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Spec Ops Uniform


SPEC-OPS tee shirt

jungle camo B.D.U.s

black military style workboots

SPEC-OPS issue hat


any black tee shirt

any dark colored B.D.U.

any dark colored, closed in, shoe

highest level JTA hat

These are less of a specific ranking for uniforms. look at it more like what we want you to be in (A class) and what will be acceptable if you can't get, or don't have the proper items (B class).

These are what a Spec Ops member is expected to wear when working as staff at an informal event. things like serving food at a district meal or helping with games at a district event are examples of an "informal" event.

Color guard and honor guard will be using class A khakis and your JTA beret. this will most likely change when utility uniforms become more common or we get a more formal Spec Ops uniform.