Junior Leadership Training

Hello Fellow Ranger Leaders,


The 2017 Ranger Junior Training Academy is here! Here's the information:


When: September 1-4th

·   Friday: Registration and we will have a light meal that night

·   Sat – Sun: Training Camps

·   Monday: Breakfast, clean-up and graduation (planning to be done around 10 am)


Where: Harris Property, 3467 Twin Pond Road, Vernon, FL 32462-3348



·         DTC is no longer part of the training camps!  RTC (for 5th and 6th graders) has replaced DTC per National Office.

·         We need 3 teams of an adult Patrol Advisor and Junior Leader for camp instructor staff. (see note #3)





·         Ranger boys attending camps are $70.00 ($10.00 Discount for Chartered Outposts)

·         Adult/Junior leaders and helpers are $25

·         Camp fees can be paid anytime up to registration on Friday.

·         Additional adults are needed to help to set-up and run activities and a cooking crew.

·         T-shirts and patches are free for camp students.

·         For the adults and Junior leaders hats and T-shirts can be purchased separately so we will need shirt sizes with your forms or in your commitment emails (see note #2).



1)   We must have a minimum registered to hold the camp and will determine this on 20 Aug 17.

2)   I will need your applications or an email identifying outpost and who is coming, T-shirt sizes as soon as possible.

3)   We are looking for Junior Leaders to assist the Adult Patrol Advisors this year! Candidates must have completed AJTC. Submit candidates using the Adult/Leader Application form.

4)   Contact me Ray Thompson at 850-819-7589 email: rangerray65@gmail.com if you have any questions.

5)  This will be a camping camp, a detailed list will be sent out only to those who plan to attend the camp.



We will be having a full work day for this camp preparation on Saturday Aug 26. We will be replacing plumbing, log splitting, setting up compass course etc. We can use all hands available with tools you may think of....rakes, shovels etc. We have enough wood for a couple of seasons of camps if not more currently and there is a lartge oak that was blown down right up by Donny & Pams that will need cut up. This wood needs a permanent home (stacked/covered). If you have a generator(s) we can use for this camp (preferably the quiet ones) please contact me asap at (850)819-7589 or rangerray65@gmail.com. We are still in need of a dedicated cook & chaplain for this camp......are you up for the challenge!

Ray Thompson,
Aug 16, 2017, 12:45 AM
Ray Thompson,
Aug 16, 2017, 12:46 AM
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May 28, 2014, 12:10 PM