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Southeast Regional Royal Rangers Conference

posted Jul 16, 2015, 1:05 PM by Tom Fournier

229 Days away!


The Southeast Regional Royal Rangers Conference is coming up in the picturesque city of Savannah, Georgia.  Get this...


*  A banquet - get dressed up (or not) and fellowship with Rangers from across the Southeast.


*  Meet our new National Director, Karl Fleig.  Karl has a burden to see boys across the globe mentored into Godly men.  Further, he has a personal manner that facilitates communicating that burden - he has a way about him.  Don’t tell him, but You kinda like the guy!


*  Come hear a true Christian hero.  Wes Modder (look it up) is an Assemblies of God minister and a Chaplain in the US Navy.  Wes is under fire for his stance on Christianity.  Come hear from a man who is standing up for all of us.  By the way, PLEASE COME PREPARED TO HELP HIM WITH HIS DEFENSE.  BRING A LOVE OFFERING!


*  Lots of classes that you can't get locally.  From leading boys to FCF to church issues...the list goes on.


*  Come hear Derek and Rebecca Goodwin teach a class on how to keep your marriage strong in the midst of ministry!  Derek is the District Royal Rangers director in Georgia.


*  The ladies will have breakfast, a devotion, and go on a tour of the historic city of Savannah.  


*  Did you know that the founder of Girl Scouts is from Savannah?  Forrest Gump was filmed here!  Brick forts were made obsolete here at the beginning of the Civil War.  Found out how.  Sherman's march to the Sea?  It ended here!  And a lot more!




*  Get a ball cap!  No…Get a COOL ball cap!


*  Go to for more information.


Tell everyone – Rangers, Ranger leaders, pastors, parents, Everyone!