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Chartering Time!

posted Aug 14, 2012, 9:33 AM by Kyzer Communications

Chartering Time is Here!

Chartering Season Runs from August 15 - October 31


It’s been quite a year for Royal Rangers! As most of you know, we are celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2012. This summer, we celebrated in grand fashion at our National Camporama! It was an awesome time. 

The transition from summer into fall brings many exciting things—the beautiful colors on leaves, the start of school, a new football season, great camping weather, and more! One very important thing that arrives with fall on your Royal Rangers’ calendar is chartering your outpost. 

One of the best things about being a chartered outpost is getting a 15% discount on all Rangers gear ordered via the online Rangers Superstore. That same discount applies to all national and regional training events and activities and select district Royal Rangers activities. For example, if you attended the National Camporama this past summer as a member of a chartered outpost, you received a discount of $49 to attend the event. That’s a great savings! There are many other benefits, including the Outpost Promotional Kit, that are too numerous to mention that you receive as a chartered outpost. The discounts alone on products and events far exceed the cost to charter. 

Chartering does cost money. That’s one of the reasons our office has entered into an agreement with National Teamworx Group (NTG) to make HandsFirst® Hand Sanitizer the official fundraiser of Royal Rangers nationwide. If you haven’t already, please take just a few minutes to look at how the program works. We believe you will find this product far superior to anything else on the market and worthy to be associated with. As you look at the details, you will realize selling just three boxes will more than cover the cost of chartering (of a typical size outpost) while creating a recurring source of income for your outpost. 

Are you READY to charter? If so, let’s start the process now!


Doug Marsh 
National Director