Greetings West Florida!

We hope this finds you in good health and your soul is prospering. As we begin entering the final half of the year we want to give you and update on the Royal Ranger ministry. We would like to give a big shout out to Living Waters Assembly of GOD in Apalachicola and congratulate our newest officially chartered Outpost in the West Florida District. Thank you Pastor Scotty Lolley and team for doing the research and realizing the need for your future young leaders. We are looking forward to working with you with and providing every resource we have to offer.

Pastors, if I could give you any advice on the value of the Royal Ranger Ministry here you go. A recent finding of those men that went through the entire Ranger program and completed their GMA (Gold Medal of Achievement), 90%+ have remained in the ministry as Pastors, Missionaries, Lay-leaders or just plain pillars in the church. I believe this is the same finding for the Girls Ministry as well for the record.  The Ranger program is now designed so more boys will earn the GMA if they remain in for the duration and the reality is that an effective Ranger program will disciple our future young men to become lifelong servant leaders for CHRIST. Not to mention that it effectively disciples our current leaders as well and gives them continual educational training that can go as far as they want.

I encourage you to give Rangers a chance if you do not have the ministry currently and please don’t hesitate to contact us at the District with any questions. We have a great resource called the Quick Start Guide that will be coming around at Sectional Council and encourage you to come by our Ranger display.  Please visit and see what the ministry is all about. Rangers is the premier ministry for boys and girls in almost 100 other nations now and continues to grow.

In reflecting back over the last few months across our District we have provided a Ranger Basics class at Navarre Assembly, held one of our most successful FCF Adventures and just recently held Ranger Kids Field Day at Deerpoint Lake Assembly in Panama City. The Adventure and Field Day both were record attendance events from recent years and I would like to honorably mention that is was hot at both events! We had to postpone both of these this year due to unforeseen circumstances and yet LORD was still glorified in both gatherings. Bro Danny Davis was our guest speaker at the Gathering and WOW did he give us men and future men a charge in the wilderness!

In finishing the rest of 2015 we have an upcoming Junior Training Academy Sept 4-7 at the District Campgrounds and registration is currently open for any of your boys ages 9 and up with camps in place. They will be learning leadership skills and earning various merits as well as experiencing the four ways a boy grows (mentally, physically, spiritually h  socially). Can I mention that we will have some fun and continue to prepare your future young leaders to fill roles in the church? We welcome any boy whether in Rangers or not to our camps, forms and information is on our West Florida District Royal Rangers website If you’re unable to send any boys please consider making a contribution for our Training Camps, we always have boys who can use the funds.

In October we have the FCF Fall Trace in Albany GA, this is exclusive to FCF members only and is always a great event.  And of course we will finish the year with our annual Pow Wow at the District Campgrounds with an action packed time in the final planning phase. A flyer will be coming out very soon with full details on Pow Wow. In closing I would like to mention the experience of participating in a local mission project at Lighthouse Assembly in Bonifay. Several Ranger dudes come together with men from various other churches to put a new metal roof on the church fellowship hall. Thank you Pastor Mike Presley and church for your hospitality, great vittles and the privilege to labor for the LORD.



Ray Thompson

WFDRR Director

The following is a Pathfinders Missions trip to Iceland during June 2015 as told by West Florida Royal Ranger Deputy Director Dennis Molnar. Dennis was able to secure his spot on this trip with a grant from our District FCF Apalachee Chapter. Dennis averages at least two Mission trips per year and continues to be a tremendous asset to the Royal Ranger ministry. What’s amazing about his testimony is every time he commits to go the LORD makes provision to complete the journey. I encourage you make contact with Dennis and hear his testimony and as always, if you can’t go on the mission field consider sending!



For me the trip started at the Pensacola airport headed to Atlanta then on to Boston.  In Boston the team would all gather. There was 10 Royal Rangers traveling with David North out of Missouri while the construction team came from Florida, Tennessee, Missouri and Wisconsin.  The Rangers worked on outreach with the local youth of Stykkisholmur (Stikyshomer for us Americans). The rest of us remodeled the local church garage for the Rangers to use for their meeting. They have been meeting outside even during the winter months. That is dedication in my eyes.  There are only 3000 people in Stykkisholmur the third largest city of Iceland but it has the largest outpost on the island.

Our task was to insulate the walls/ceiling then hang wall board followed by painting.  We also put a drain in the floor then laid the pipe on the floor for the heating followed by wire mesh then came the pouring of the concrete. The exterior of the church got painted along with a fence and hand rails.  We also put down heating pipe under the pavers we used for the walkway up to the church steps and front door.  Part of the team also cut down 33 trees that had died so now the Rangers have lots of fire wood. We actually were able to get more work done than they thought we would be able too. But with a great team of me and long work days and almost 22hrs of sunlight we got the job done.

The people were very open to us and friendly. We got served a traditional Viking meal for lunch one day which consisted of sheep head, liver sausage. smoked leg of lamb and ram's testicle.  And that's all I'll say about that.  They also got some rotten shark meat for us but I just couldn't get that into my mouth. The trip was a huge success and would love to go back. We did get to do some sightseeing and the country is beautiful. The temp never got above 62 and we had to dawn our jackets and hats to stay warm on an occasion. 

If you’re interested please touch base with Mike King from Tennessee who is in charge of Pathfinder Missions and let him hook you up on a trip in the future. You will be glad you did!


In HIS Service,


Dennis Molnar

Outpost 89 Coordinator

Navarre Assembly of GOD


 Hello Fellow Ranger Leaders,


2015 Ranger Junior Training Camps are here! I'm James Matos from Outpost 89 of Navarre First AG Navarre and I have the distinct honor of being this year's Junior Training Camp Director. As District Training Camps Coordinator I have been working with Commander Ray to ensure we have another great  JTC for the boys. Here's information:


When: September 4-7th

·        Friday: Registration and we will have a light meal that night

·        Sat – Sun: Training Camps

·        Monday: Breakfast, clean-up and graduation (planning to be done around 10 am)


Where: District Campgrounds, 4792 Highway 90, Marianna, FL 32466


Camps: DTC, JTC, AJTC (possibly the new RTC for 5th and 6th graders, more info to follow)

·        We need 3 to 4 teams of an adult Advisor and Junior Leader for camp instructor staff. (see note 3)



·        Ranger boys attending camps are $100 (15% Discount for Chartered Outposts)

·        Adult/Junior leaders and helpers are $40

·        Camp fees can be paid anytime up to registration on Friday. If paying ahead of time send a check payable to “Royal Rangers” to James Matos, 7534 Brevard St. Navarre, FL 32566. (see note 2)

·        Additional adults are needed to help to set-up and run activities and for the kitchen.

·        T-shirts and hats will be purchased separately so we will need shirt sizes with your forms or in your commitment emails (see note 2). I will follow up with exact prices but it will be roughly $10 for T-shirts and $8 for hats.



1)   We must have a minimum of 15 boys registered to hold the camp.

2)   I will need your applications or an email identifying outpost and who is coming, T-shirt sizes and hats by Friday August 21st.

3)   We are looking for Junior Leaders to assist the Adult Patrol Advisors this year! Candidates must have completed AJTC. Submit candidates using the Adult/Leader Application form.

4)   All forms are located on the West Florida Royal Rangers website.

5)   We would like to have a DJ for praise and worship, please contact me if you can help with this.

6)   I will be following up with additional emails containing information on material or volunteer needs.

7)   Contact Ray Thompson at 850-819-7589 email: or myself at 850-324-8527 if you have any questions.



See you all there!


James Matos

District Training Camps Coordinator

SEE Junior Leader Training page for Applications

Untitled PostJLTC-Camp is a GO

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The West Florida District JTC is a go!!!


It’s still not too late for you to attend, just inform me via email, call or text as soon as possible so we can plan accordingly. Send the email to (call or text at 850-324-8527) and Include the following information in the email:

a.     Name

b.     Position Request (JTC Student, Patrol Advisor, Junior Leader, helper etc)

c.      T-shirt sizes (free for students)


Attached is the packing list for your boys. Please don’t hesitate to call me. See you  this Friday!





JTC Update

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We are up to 8 confirmed! Almost there…don’t give up!


Please do not forget that tomorrow the 28th is the deadline to send your emails.


BIG news! The district will be giving Scholarships to lucky Rangers!






Rocketry Merit

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Check this out:

Here is our Rocketry merit video from Freedom Church Discovery Rangers.


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The RKFD is now one for the history books. For those who missed it, you missed a great time. Yes it was HOT outside but the kids had a ball. The event started with a Karate Demonstration, which included two of our local Rangers and their instructors. Great job guys, then the Karate Instructor ministered to the RKs present. The eevnt moved outside where there was an opening prayer followed by an impromptu shower provided by the local Fire Department everyone got soaked. Then the RKs participated in a short carving demonstration then proceeded to the outdoor events. We had a great taco lunch followed by Smore burritos and more activities. Everyone had a blast. and are looking forward to next year. We will be posting pictures as soon as they are available. 


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Southeast Regional Royal Rangers Conference

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229 Days away!


The Southeast Regional Royal Rangers Conference is coming up in the picturesque city of Savannah, Georgia.  Get this...


*  A banquet - get dressed up (or not) and fellowship with Rangers from across the Southeast.


*  Meet our new National Director, Karl Fleig.  Karl has a burden to see boys across the globe mentored into Godly men.  Further, he has a personal manner that facilitates communicating that burden - he has a way about him.  Don’t tell him, but You kinda like the guy!


*  Come hear a true Christian hero.  Wes Modder (look it up) is an Assemblies of God minister and a Chaplain in the US Navy.  Wes is under fire for his stance on Christianity.  Come hear from a man who is standing up for all of us.  By the way, PLEASE COME PREPARED TO HELP HIM WITH HIS DEFENSE.  BRING A LOVE OFFERING!


*  Lots of classes that you can't get locally.  From leading boys to FCF to church issues...the list goes on.


*  Come hear Derek and Rebecca Goodwin teach a class on how to keep your marriage strong in the midst of ministry!  Derek is the District Royal Rangers director in Georgia.


*  The ladies will have breakfast, a devotion, and go on a tour of the historic city of Savannah.  


*  Did you know that the founder of Girl Scouts is from Savannah?  Forrest Gump was filmed here!  Brick forts were made obsolete here at the beginning of the Civil War.  Found out how.  Sherman's march to the Sea?  It ended here!  And a lot more!




*  Get a ball cap!  No…Get a COOL ball cap!


*  Go to for more information.


Tell everyone – Rangers, Ranger leaders, pastors, parents, Everyone!




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Hope your week is going good and all is well. Final preparation for Field Day are coming together and we are looking forward to making a lifelong memory. I'm sure your weekend is already set so here is one last reminder with a caveat. We do have some scholarship money to the bring price down so if you know of some families that would come, please give me a call for details

For those of you not able to participate if you'd like to contribute to Field Day please send to West Florida District Royal Rangers (RKFD), 4792 US-90 - Marianna Florida 32446. We do have extra patches for sale for Field Day and some from the Air Show back in May.

Ray Thompson

Sound the Alarm

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Field Day is in full swing for happening on Saturday, the long range forcast is showing about a 30% chance of showers from 7-10 AM and decreasing till about 2. With that in mind I'm asking all Outpost planning to attend to please send in your numbers. I will be purchasing food Thursday evening to have everything in place as much as possible.

 We have much to offer Saturday and hope you'll take advantage of this event or at least prompt parents to bring their Rangers. If you have any questions or concerns please give me a call. Remember these are our future LEADERS, please make every effort to bring them!


Ray Thompson

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