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The Appalachee Chapter of the 
Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship
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Special note: We will use the spelling of two PP's. The Chapter name is Appalchee
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Riflemen Territorial Rendezvous
October 22-24, 2015, Columbus Georgia

Guys,  I just got this from John Robinson.  If you want a shirt please make sure he gets your order.  Thanks.  I look forward to seeing you all at the Rendezvous. 
Paul Silver Fox Wesley

On Thursday, September 3, 2015 2:04 PM, John Robinson <hls.robinson@gmail.com> wrote:

Please get this out to your guys.  There is a limited time to get our orders in.

There is a territorial rendezvous shirt available for the Riflemen Territory.  I apologize for the short time frame, however, some of the events were beyond my control.  Your order must be postmarked no later than 5 October in order for me to get the shirts in time for the event.  Please fill out the order form and mail order form and check (made to Southeast Region Royal Rangers) to:
John Robinson
10047 Torino Drive SE
Huntsville, AL 35803

Shirts will be picked up at rendezvous in Albany, GA.  If you are not able to attend rendezvous and want a shirt it can be mailed to you at a cost of an additional $4.
HighLand Spirit

On Monday, July 6, 2015 11:34 PM, John Robinson <hls.robinson@gmail.com> wrote:

If I remember right, I had asked you to mail your registration packets to me.  Since I have not received any from anyone, this is probably a good time to change direction.  Please have your folks mail registration packets to our Territorial Scribe, Herb "Sassafras" Gray.  That will allow him to organize things prior to the event.  His address is:

Herb "Sassafras" Gray
1032 Freshly Mill Rd
Irmo, SC   29063

Folks can download the registration packet at:

If I receive any packets that folks have just mailed I will get them to our Scribe.


Paul “Silver Fox” Wesley, Appalachee Chapter FCF President

Paul “Silver Fox” Wesley 850-501-5715 pwesley56@bellsouth.net


 The Southeast Royal Rangers says they have received a bunch of emails asking about the new FCF changes. they say to give it time and more info will come. For now this what they have and they also understand it should be posted on the National FCF site. You can find a link to that, as well as SE Rangers below.

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Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship

Appalachee Chapter - West Florida

Apalachee FCF 2013 The Adventure

For additional information or to confirm your attendance, please call or email:

Paul “Silver Fox” Wesley 850-501-5715 pwesley56@bellsouth.net

Jeffery “Two Sticks” Joyner  850-377-6200 or ranger305@live.com

To all FCF members and recruits.  Attached is the Adventure letter for the recruits coming up the end of this month.  Everybody, please remember your assignments that was set up in April.
I've also attached the upcoming Riflemen Rendezvous packet.  This is going to be a great event to attend in October. See Below at page bottom.
Paul Silver Fox Wesley

FCF Members, after much deliberation on the new dates it has come down to June 26th thru 28th.  We tried to make it work in May, but that was a no-go, with Mother's Day, high school graduation and the week after of vacations.  I hope this works out for all of you.
Silver Fox

Dear Paul,

Appalachee Chapter, 

Time is running out and I could really use your help. On June 11 I will be leaving for Iceland on a Royal Rangers missions trip. The purpose of this trip will be for construction. There is a Royal Rangers group there that has been meeting outdoors even during the winter. Well, now they have a garage to use for their meetings but it needs to be remodeled. So we will be installing walls, working on a heating system, replacing windows, painting and the like. I have been to Iceland in December so I know first hand about how cold things can be so this garage will be a huge blessing. Right now my budget is $1,000.00 short. A gift of any amount would be greatly appreciated and a huge help. What ever you can do will be between you and God. I feel blessed just being asked to be a part of the team making this trip. Please make your check payable to Navarre First A/G. The address is 9594 Navarre Parkway, Navarre, FI 32566. Or you can just put it in the offering. Thank you so much for your support and help. I would also ask that you pray for the team that will be making this trip as we travel as well as do the work. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 850 217-2501. 

"READY" to serve, 

Did you know that you could take Continuous Learning Electives online, check it out go to the National Royal Ranger Website

Recent News:

2009 Apalachee FCF

The Purpose of FCF:

To give recognition to boys and men who have shown exceptional interest and outstanding achievement in the Royal Rangers program and in Royal Rangers campcraft. 

To build a brotherhood of top-notch boys and men over the years who will continue to be Royal Rangers program and camping enthusiasts. 

To emphasize the importance of involvement in the advancement program, development of campcraft skills, and completion of the leadership training programs. 

To develop a corps of elite Royal Rangers who will strive to be the very best in Christian example and leadership. 

To encourage the boys and men of Royal Rangers to always prefer others above themselves and to let their leadership be by example. 

To show a spirit of servanthood, willing to give of time and energy above and beyond what is expected for Royal Rangers.

FCF Motto:
'Ad Dare Sevire'   To Give and To Serve

The FCF Pledge:

"I share with you the warmth and glow of this campfire. These crimson flames are a symbol of our fellowship and adventures in camping.

"I promise to share with you the warmth of Christian friendship and with others the light of my Christian testimony.

"I promise to keep alive the spirit of FCF in my personal life and to observe at all times the principles of Royal Rangers."

The FCF Symbol:

The blazing campfire is the official symbol of FCF. It symbolizes the spirit of FCF, which is:

  • Christian love (warmth)
  • Personal witness (light)
  • Dedicated service (usefulness)

There are five logs around the fire and they represent things that keep the FCF spirit alive:

  • Courage
  • Achievement
  • Friendship
  • Leadership
  • Woodsmanship

Outpost Navigator:

There is a new computer outpost management system called Outpost Navigator.

You can download it at RangerDepot This software tool looks quite comprehensive and very easy to use.


Harris Homestead - FCF Camp

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