West Florida Royal Rangers




Monday 31 Aug @ 7 PM                                                 Monday 21 Sep @ 7 PM                                                                                         

District Campgrounds                                                    DeFuniack Springs

HWY 90                                                                         461 Van Buren Ave

Marianna FL 32446                                                       DeFuniack FL 32435               


Tuesday 1 Sep @ 7 PM                                                    Tuesday 22 Sep @ 7 PM       


Pensacola 1st A/G                                                              Callaway A/G                         

4301 Bayou Blvd                                                                 5718 Cherry St           

Pensacola FL 32503                                                           Panama City FL 32401           


Tuesday 8 Sep @ 7 PM                                                 Thursday 24 Sep @ 7 PM (Eastern)

True Worship A/G                                                            Evangel A/G

13247 HWY 87 N                                                             2300 Old Bainbridge Rd

Jay FL 32565                                                                   Tallahassee FL 32303             


Monday 14 Sep @ 7 PM                                                  Monday 28 Sep @ 7 PM (Eastern)


Navarre 1st A/G                                                                 Rock Bluff A/G

9594 Navarre Parkway                                                     14942 Phillips Dr

Navarre FL 32566                                                              Bristol FL 32321                     


Tuesday 15 Sep @ 7 PM                                                Tuesday 29 Sep @ 6:30 PM(Eastern)


Lifepoint Church                                                                Living Waters A/G

400 S. Ferdon Blvd                                                           1580 Bluff Rd

Crestview FL 32536                                                          Apalachicola FL 32320                                   


Thursday 17 Sep @ 6:30 PM                                        Saturday 3 Oct @ 4 PM (Eastern)


Carmel A/G Perry 1st A/G                                                Perry 1st A/G

Carmel Church Rd                                                           828 W. Julia St

Bonifay FL 32425                                                             Perry FL 32347                                   



Please look over these dates and let me know if you can represent the Ranger table during this period. We have no put up or breakdown responsibilities. We are there to advance the Ranger Ministry on behalf of the District.




Fellow West Florida and Regional Rangers,


So far we have 4 confirmed Ranger boys and a few pending but 15 are required to hold the camp. We have extended the deadline for commitment emails to Friday the 28th.  We highly encourage leaders to  reach out again to the boys and parents. This camp is designed for your boys to experience camaraderie, team building, to grow spiritually and develop leadership skills. It will be an unforgettable weekend!


Attached are the applications and camp flyer with schedule and  information.


1.     Send the email to j.matos@mchsi.com and  rangerray65@gmail.com. Include the following information in the email:

a.     Name

b.     Position Request (JTC Student, Patrol Advisor, Junior Leader, helper etc)

c.      T-shirt sizes (free for students)

2.     We will need helpers to prep the materials for the rope bridge, tower build, navigation course on Saturday and kitchen helpers Saturday and Sunday.

3.     We ask that each outpost bring arts and craft material that you are willing to share or part with for use in creating standards and other projects. Any help is appreciated!

4.     We will be bunking in dorms.

5.     Final planning information, Patrol Advisor assignments and packets will be included in the next email so please include emails to which we can respond.






Hello Fellow Ranger Leaders,


2015 Ranger Junior Training Camps are here! I'm James Matos from Outpost 89 of Navarre First AG Navarre and I have the distinct honor of being this year's Junior Training Camp Director. As District Training Camps Coordinator I have been working with Commander Ray to ensure we have another great  JTC for the boys. Here's information:


When: September 4-7th

·        Friday: Registration and we will have a light meal that night

·        Sat – Sun: Training Camps

·        Monday: Breakfast, clean-up and graduation (planning to be done around 10 am)


Where: District Campgrounds, 4792 Highway 90, Marianna, FL 32466


Camps: DTC, JTC, AJTC (possibly the new RTC for 5th and 6th graders, more info to follow)

·        We need 3 to 4 teams of an adult Advisor and Junior Leader for camp instructor staff. (see note 3)



·        Ranger boys attending camps are $100 (15% Discount for Chartered Outposts)

·        Adult/Junior leaders and helpers are $40

·        Camp fees can be paid anytime up to registration on Friday. If paying ahead of time send a check payable to “Royal Rangers” to James Matos, 7534 Brevard St. Navarre, FL 32566. (see note 2)

·        Additional adults are needed to help to set-up and run activities and for the kitchen.

·        T-shirts and hats will be purchased separately so we will need shirt sizes with your forms or in your commitment emails (see note 2). I will follow up with exact prices but it will be roughly $10 for T-shirts and $8 for hats.



1)   We must have a minimum of 15 boys registered to hold the camp.

2)   I will need your applications or an email identifying outpost and who is coming, T-shirt sizes and hats by Friday August 21st.

3)   We are looking for Junior Leaders to assist the Adult Patrol Advisors this year! Candidates must have completed AJTC. Submit candidates using the Adult/Leader Application form.

4)   All forms are located on the West Florida Royal Rangers website.

5)   We would like to have a DJ for praise and worship, please contact me if you can help with this.

6)   I will be following up with additional emails containing information on material or volunteer needs.

7)   Contact Ray Thompson at 850-819-7589 email: rangerray65@gmail.com or myself at 850-324-8527 email:j3.matos@gmail.com if you have any questions.



See you all there!


James Matos

District Training Camps Coordinator

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West Florida Royal Rangers

 Royal Rangers is a mentoring program for future young men.


Sign up for the new West Florida Royal Rangers Facebook Page. Yes, this is a new one. So go and sign up right now, do it... now! and make sure you come back here later. 


Welcome To West Florida Royal Rangers

I'm Ray Thompson, the District Director. 

Whether you are a pastor, Royal Rangers leader, Ranger or just passing by, take a few minutes and look around. You will see that the Royal Rangers ministry is the most effective boys mentoring ministry that exists! Our website is the resource center for all West Florida District Royal Rangers questions. 

If you are familiar with Royal Rangers, then let me share a secret with you, the ministry has changed drastically! We have moved into the modern world where boys are interested in more than just camping. Stick around and you will see that boys get hands-on attention with everything from sports to the latest technology. 

New to Rangers, then take some time to find out more about it. You will see that the Royal Rangers mentoring ministry Evangelizes, Equips and Empowers Lifelong Servant Leaders. Mentoring is our mission! 

Be sure to contact us if we can be of assistance.

In his service, 

Ray Thompson
District Director



The Royal Rangers - Mentoring Future Men


Outpost Navigator

There is a computer outpost management system called Outpost Navigator.

You can download it at RangerDepot


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