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November 6-8, 2015

West Florida District

Royal Rangers



Camp Adventure

4792 US HWY 90

Marianna, FL 32446

(850) 482-2986


Ecclesiastes 7:12

For wisdom is a defense, and money is a defense: but Excellency of Knowledge is, that wisdom gives Life to them that have it.


Our Pow-Wow Mission is:

To Evangelize, Equip, and Empower the next generation of Christ like men and lifelong servant leaders for Christ. Rangers will help to grow these Christian servant leaders in their family, church and occupation.



Welcome Rangers Leader's

Thank you for bring your boys to the West Florida District Pow-Wow. It is our pleasure to present a weekend of fun filled events and spiritual worship for your boys.

So it is our goal that through spiritual council fire services and fun filled activities throughout the day that we will reach our pow-wow mission.

Pow-Wow can be a life changing experience for all who attend (leaders, dads and lads).This spiritual renewal will happen only by allowing the Holy Spirit to move during Pow-Wow. We can all be an instrument of the Holy Spirit by asking for guidance through prayer.

It is very important that each commander:

-      Set a regular schedule of prayer for your boys.

-      Remember the camp speaker, leaders, dads, and boys in your prayers.

-      Make sure every boy in your outpost, church, and neighborhood has the opportunity to come to pow-wow.

-      Invite all the dads, pastors, and other men from your church to come as well.





-      ************************************************

-      Take time and talk about POW WOW each meeting during the month of October and build interest and excitement.

-      ________________________________________________

-     * Early arrival: Friday morning set up is permitted.


-     * Registration: Please check-in before setting up camp to get your site.


-       * Meals: Are the Outpost responsibility this year. Remember to be prepared to take in a stranger or two…remember that entertaining angel’s part.

-     Forms Required at Registration:

-     *Form A: Pow-Wow registration

-     *Form C: Permission/Medical

-     *Form D: Adult Screening (18 years and older) pastor signature required.

-     ----------------------------------------------------------------------

*Cost: $30.00 per person (leaders, dads, & boys) for Outpost who do not have a current charter. If your Outpost is on the current charter list your cost is $26.00. You do have time to get your charter up to date.

*Adult Screening: All adults (18 years and older) are required to have a POW WOW adult screening signed by their pastor if they will be staying on the camp grounds overnight. This includes young men 18 years, dads and commanders.

*Uniform: Royal Rangers t-shirt and jeans or shorts.


Pre-Council Fire Activities:

*Outpost may volunteer to have their boys present a skit during this time. This activity can earn your outpost extra points for participation.

Council Fire Service:

*Saturday evening is designated time for the pow-wow worship service. Encourage participation in listening, worshipping, and praying at the service. Participate in the time when boys come forward for salvation or to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Encourage your boys to stay in an attitude of prayer and worship during service.

And don't leave the council fire it will be time for KANGAROO COURT (so be good or!!!?)   

-     Checking Out-Leaving Pow-Wow:

-     * Do not leave camp until your area has been inspected by pow-wow staff.

-     * You must complete a camp clearance form F and have it signed by pow-wow staff.

-     * Turn in your pow-wow spinitual follow up form G on your men and boys.

-     * You will not receive your pow-wow patches until both forms are signed and turned in.


-    Flag Football

-    Soccer

-    Making a Sling Shot

-    Sling Shot Shooting Gallery

-    Dart Your Ranger Knowledge

-    Best Camp Site & Hospitality

-    more to come……


See POW WOW page for Forms 




The camp was a great success check out the link below




James Matos

District Training Camps Coordinator

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West Florida Royal Rangers

 Royal Rangers is a mentoring program for future young men.


Sign up for the new West Florida Royal Rangers Facebook Page. Yes, this is a new one. So go and sign up right now, do it... now! and make sure you come back here later. 


Welcome To West Florida Royal Rangers

I'm Ray Thompson, the District Director. 

Whether you are a pastor, Royal Rangers leader, Ranger or just passing by, take a few minutes and look around. You will see that the Royal Rangers ministry is the most effective boys mentoring ministry that exists! Our website is the resource center for all West Florida District Royal Rangers questions. 

If you are familiar with Royal Rangers, then let me share a secret with you, the ministry has changed drastically! We have moved into the modern world where boys are interested in more than just camping. Stick around and you will see that boys get hands-on attention with everything from sports to the latest technology. 

New to Rangers, then take some time to find out more about it. You will see that the Royal Rangers mentoring ministry Evangelizes, Equips and Empowers Lifelong Servant Leaders. Mentoring is our mission! 

Be sure to contact us if we can be of assistance.

In his service, 

Ray Thompson
District Director



The Royal Rangers - Mentoring Future Men


Outpost Navigator

There is a computer outpost management system called Outpost Navigator.

You can download it at RangerDepot


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