The following policies have been developed by the WFRA Working Group (Ellie Salisbury, Ruth Pickvance and Neal Hockley). They have been reviewed and adopted by the WFRA Committee on an interim basis, and will be reviewed and revised for the 2022 AGM, when definitive versions will be presented to the membership for adoption. The WFRA committee welcomes feedback on the policies, and will launch a formal consultation process shortly. In the meantime, if you have any comments, please send them to Neal Hockley

In addition, the WFRA has additional information for runners (Safety and Fair Competition) here: and for Race Organisers here: The WFRA Constitution can be viewed here:

Safeguarding policies and relevant documents can be found on our safeguarding page

WFRA Code of Conduct

A summary of the Code of Conduct is published in the calendar and can be found here:

The full Code of Conduct is here:

WFRA Code of Conduct_Feb22.pdf

WFRA Complaints, Disciplinary & Appeals Policy: