About Us

The Welsh Corgi Club of Tasmania is a small club of Welsh Corgi Cardigan and Welsh Corgi Pembroke enthusiasts.

The Welsh Corgi Club Committee consists of:

President - Nicole Newett

Vice President - Carol-Ann Matthews

Secretary - Lisa McGinn

Treasurer - Jennifer Roberts

Committee Members:

Carole Vaughan

Marjorie Price

Tull Luttrell

Christine Russell

Erin McGinn

Life Members;

Mrs Joan Watson (Anbenly)

Mrs Lyn de Groot (Kelinden)

Mrs Helen Williams (Apshim)

Mrs Carole Vaughan (Vanharon)

Past Life Members;

Mr Bill Joseph

Mrs Thea Joseph 

Mr David Watson 

Mr Noel Sweet 

Mrs Betty Maxwell  


The Clubs Motto : 

"It is considered the responsibility of all sincere club members to show their dogs whether Pembroke or Cardigan in tip top condition in respect to the judge and the promotion of our breed."