An inspection was made today, August 30th, 2016, by Tiry Engineering and Wisconsin DNR on the work that has been completed at Sherwood Lake to date and all work has been approved.

Later next week they will be finishing up the sodding of the rest of the dike and then signs will be posted asking that we all please do not walk on these seeded down areas.  These signs may be up until next summer.  It is very important for the soundness of the new dike that the seeding begins to grow ASAP, so please honor those signs and help spread the word to others.

If you have not viewed the work on the new dam and dike yet you can still go see it, and walk across the new dam, up through the upcoming Labor Day weekend and Rick encourages everyone to do so.

In September the trolley system for the hoist in the dam will be constructed and an epoxy coating will be applied to the face of the dam and wings.  Then we can begin to fill the lake back up again yet this fall as planned. 

Who are "Friends of Sherwood Lake"? We're a group of friends from Central Wisconsin who've come together to restore Sherwood Lake. Our group was established on October 18th, 2014, with a primary goal of raising funds to dredge Sherwood Lake in Clark County, Wisconsin, to improve fish habitat.  

F.O.S.L. held its final meeting on April 6, 2016, and hosted a potluck picnic on June 11, 2016, at Noon, at Sherwood Park for all who've supported the lake's restoration and to celebrate.  Our hearts are still set on stocking the lake with fish once again when the timing is right, hopefully in 2017.

Thank you to all who donated, worked hard to raise funds, or helped in any way.  Special thanks to the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin from Stevens Point for guiding us along the way with our fund raising! 


Opelt Sand & Gravel with their 30 Yard Dump Truck at Sherwood Lake, January 22, 2016, with "Friends" getting ready to start dredging the lake bed! 
(Photo by Todd Schmidt)

YouTube video below from Bob Kulp, taken January 29, 2016 at Sherwood Lake!

Check out this cool video of Sherwood Lake taken a few years ago
and generously shared with us by an anonymous local photographer. 

Sherwood Lake, Clark County's Hidden Jewel

Dear Anonymous,
Stunning, Lifting, Awestruck!
Three little words that I hope express our thanks for the AMAZING photography of Sherwood Lake that you took.
You have captured the beauty of why we call this a gem that needs to be saved!
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to share the spectacular environment
that you recorded on film and have generously given to us to use. 
We will return your beautiful lake to you in 2016 with the help of people that see its beauty
from your photography and understand why it is so important to perpetuate.
With great appreciation,
Rosie, Kay and FOSL

A dredging plan to remove approximately 47,000+ cubic yards of sediment from the lake bed, an area 6 acres in size from the boat landing toward the dam to a depth of 9 feet overall, was submitted by Clark County Forestry & Parks to the WI DNR on February 2nd, 2015. The dredging plan was created with input from Friends of Sherwood Lake, Wisc. DNR Staff, and Clark County. Click on the "Dredging Plan" tab on the left of this page to see a map of the plan. 

On October 15, 2015, Clark County Forestry & Parks committee accepted the low bid (out of 13 bids) for dredging Sherwood Lake from Opelt Sand, Gravel, and Excavating of Neillsville.    The dredging permit was approved by DNR in May of 2015 and the dredging was completed by March of 2016.

With a combination of three funds, Friends of Sherwood Lake Fund (
$64,870.03); Dist. 4, West Central Division of Wisconsin Wildlife Federation ($42,000.); and Whitetails Unlimited - Marshfield, Wisc. Chapter ($30,000.), plus a pledge of up to ($10,000.) from Clark County, we have raised $146,000.+ in donations toward the restoration project.  Plans are to wait for oxygen levels to be restored after the lake is filled back up, before reintroducing fish. 

Clark County Forestry & Parks is committed to making repairs to the dam at Sherwood Lake in spring/summer of 2016 and those plans are currently underway with Terra Construction of Madison, Wisc.   Photo below taken July 6, 2016.  Wings on the dam have been replaced and are carefully being shored up.  Next step will be to finish putting a lift on the entire dike and then... letting Hay Creek fill up Sherwood Lake once again!  The dam/dike restoration is scheduled to be finished by mid August, 2016.    We'd love to start stocking minnows/fish in 2017 back into the lake.

     (Photo taken in 2014 looking east from the boat landing at Sherwood Lake)

For more photos and information check out our "Friends of Sherwood Lake" Facebook page and Like us at:

Email: wedigsherwoodlake@gmail.com

PH: 715-238-7603 (Kay) or 715-238-7600 (Rosie), Co-chairs of Friends of Sherwood Lake, for updates.