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 I ❤️ MB  

To our Manhattan Beach Community,

I’m running in the March 5, 2019 City Council election (there are two seats open as Councilmembers Amy Howorth and David Lesser will be termed out).

This is my temporary campaign webpage until my campaign website goes online.

I love Manhattan Beach and for many years I’ve passionately devoted countless hours serving our wonderful community. I’m a longtime community leader and volunteer, not a politician. For me it’s all about community service, not politics!

I’ve persistently worked hard improving our residents’ quality of life, keeping our community safe, assisting our police and fire departments, supporting our outstanding schools, maintaining our city’s infrastructure, enhancing our older adult and youth programs, protecting our environment and our beach, ensuring open and transparent government, and providing vigorous financial oversight. I’ve also worked strenuously for pension reform to control long-term, skyrocketing unsustainable pension costs.  Always feel free to contact me at: WaynePowell4MB@gmail.com.

Below is a summary of my qualifications and accomplishments.

Community Involvement:

  • Board of Directors: MBFD Community Emergency Response Team (co-founded our MB CERT program), MB Historical Society (Vice President) and MB Coordinating (Education) Council.
  • Member, City of Manhattan Beach Senior Citizens Advisory Committee.
  • Member, Beach Cities Health District Finance Committee.
  • Volunteer Service: MBPD Neighborhood Watch Block Captain, MB Older Adults Program, and numerous community and MBUSD school organizations/events for over 20 years.
  • Former two-term MB City Councilmember (2009-2017) and Mayor (2012/2013 and 2013/2014).
  • Former MB Planning Commissioner/Chair and other City Commissions (2000-2009).
  • Former Board Director, Leadership Manhattan Beach (2017-2018).
  • Former L.A. County Beach Commissioner/Chair (2010-2016).


  • B.S.-Accounting/Finance, Magna Cum Laude, Cal. State University, Long Beach.
  • Executive Leadership Program Certificate, Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government.
  • Graduate, League of California Cities’ Municipal Finance Institute; and Mayors Academy.
  • Financial Controller and Chief Financial Officer for over 30 years.
  • Member, California Society of Certified Public Accountants.
  • Life Member - Eagle Scout.

Highlights of Accomplishments while Mayor & Councilmember (partial list):

  • Balanced budgets (surpluses) every year without any tax increases, despite an economic downturn and unfunded state mandates and takeaways.
  • Curtailed wasteful spending and provided vigorous fiscal oversight/accountability. Our city had the highest financial/credit rating (only 1 of 2 cities in California).
  • As a member of the City Finance Subcommittee, our recommendation to refinance outstanding city bonds saved taxpayers $4.6 million dollars.
  • My open government initiatives now allow every resident the option to speak at the beginning of City Council meetings and removed the total time limit of 15 minutes on audience participation so everyone has an opportunity to speak.
  • Implemented the Mayor’s Town Hall Meeting series and weekly Mayor’s Walk ‘n Talks to facilitate community engagement.
  • Initiated the smoking prohibition on the Strand and Greenbelt (and subsequently citywide) to prevent harmful impacts from second-hand smoke.
  • Initiated the Abandoned Property, Anti-Blight ordinance.
  • Supported our police and firefighter/paramedics which improved response times and protects our residents. Increased the number of community patrol and “foot beat” police officers to combat state-mandated early release inmate programs. Implemented license plate readers at city entry/exit points for crime prevention and apprehension.
  • Maintained a strong partnership with our schools, including a “Joint Use” Agreement benefitting our schools and our community, “Safe Routes to Schools” programs, and as a longtime schools/events/MBEF volunteer.
  • Expanded our city’s older adult and youth programs, and have been a longtime active volunteer. Served on the Scouthouse/Seniors’ Facility Fundraising Committee.
  • Improved traffic safety in our neighborhoods and at schools. My initiative installed vehicle intrusion safety bollards on our pier.
  • Worked vigorously to achieve pension reform in labor negotiations.
  • Initiated and led the opposition that prevented Broad Beach (Malibu) from obtaining state approval to take 500,000 cubic yards of vital off-shore MB sand.
  • Worked to remediate the massive off-shore oil spill tarball wash-up on our beach, which also led to the criminal conviction of a reckless pipeline company.
  • Initiated free public WiFi at city facilities and parks.
  • Initiated the Drone Safety and Privacy ordinance.
  • Initiated the Campaign Finance Transparency ordinance.
  • Voted against closing City Hall on alternating Fridays.
  • Voted against unnecessary, costly consultant contracts.
  • Opposed unrealistic, spiraling employee salary range increases and voted to reduce city employee head-count through attrition, without sacrificing city services.
  • Banned short-term residential rentals to preserve residential neighborhood character and prevent commercial party-rental activity.
  • Banned the sale/distribution of styrofoam products to prevent the toxic runoff onto our beaches and ocean. 
  • Supported only low-profile development (allowed by law) that’s in scale with our neighborhoods. Incentivized remodels over teardowns. 

Special Awards:

  • Received the Wyland Foundation’s National Mayor’s Sustainability award.
  • Received the U.S. Conference of Mayor’s Climate Protection award.
  • Recipient of the League of California Cities’ Exemplary Leadership award.
  • Recipient of Certificates of Recognition/Commendation for Outstanding Community Service from the California State Assembly, California State Senate, U.S. Congress, L.A. County Board of Supervisors and U.S. President.


: Community Endorsements  :  (partial list, growing daily!)


Former Manhattan Beach Mayors & City Councilmembers:

Jan Dennis, Former MB Mayor & Councilmember

Walt Dougher, Former MB Mayor & Councilmember

Linda Wilson, Former MB Mayor & Councilmember

Manhattan Beach City Commissioners:

Ben Burkhalter, MB Planning Commissioner

Stewart Fournier, MB Planning Commissioner

Richard Thompson, MB Planning Commissioner

Steve Nicholson, MB Parks & Recreation Commissioner

Steve Delk, MB Parking & Public Improvements Commissioner

Cort Casady, MB Library Commissioner 

Randi Elasowich, MB Library Commissioner

Ro Schreiner, MB Library Commissioner

Tracey Windes, MB Library Commissioner

Fred Manna, MB Cultural Arts Commissioner

Jackie May, MB Cultural Arts Commissioner

Betsy Rubino, MB Cultural Arts Commissioner

Orhan Taner, MB Cultural Arts Commissioner

Dr. Cyrous Adami, MB Board of Building Appeals Member

Former Manhattan Beach City Commissioners:

Martha Andreani, Former MB Planning Commissioner/Chair

Jim Fasola, Former MB Planning Commissioner/Chair

Grant Kirkpatrick, Former MB Planning Commissioner/Chair

Chuck Milam, Former MB Planning Commissioner/Chair

Russ Allen, Former MB Parks & Recreation Commissioner/Chair

Tom Cajka, Former MB Parks & Recreation Commissioner/Chair

Steve Rothans, Former MB Parks & Recreation Commissioner/Chair

Cheryl Cleamons, Former MB Library Commissioner/Chair

Josh Cooperman, Former MB Library Commissioner/Chair

Elizabeth Kunkee, Former MB Library Commissioner/Chair

Peter DeMaria, Former MB Cultural Arts Commissioner/Chair

Delpha Flad, Former MB Cultural Arts Commissioner/Chair

James Gill, Former MB Cultural Arts Commissioner/Chair

Loli Ramezani, Former MB Cultural Arts Commissioner/Chair

Susan Sweeney, Former MB Cultural Arts Commissioner/Chair

Alison Wright, Former MB Cultural Arts Commissioner/Chair

Louie Tomaro, Former MB Board of Building Appeals Member

Other Manhattan Beach Community Leaders:

Kate Bergin, MB Education Foundation Board Member *

Frank Chiella, MB Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) President *

Gary McAulay, MB Historical Society President *

Kristin Long, MB Historical Society Treasurer *

Steve DeBaets, MB Senior Citizen Advisory Committee Chair *

Ken Thompson, MB Senior Citizen Advisory Committee *

Gary Wayland, MB|X Foundation Board Member *

Craig Cadwallader, MB Sustainability Task Force Member *

Kim Edwards, MB Hometown Fair Board Member *

Laura Lind, Soroptimist International (MB) District Director *

Adriene Rollo, MBPD Victim’s Assistance Team Member *

DeAnn Chase, Former MB Chamber Chair of the Board *

Audrey Judson, Former MB Environmental Task Force Member

David Pedersen, Former MB Environmental Task Force Member

Daniel Salzman, Former MB Environmental Task Force Member

Yvonne Phillips, Former MB Hometown Fair Board Member *

Thomas Tyrer, Former MB Youth Athletics President *

Rosie Duenas, Former Leadership Manhattan Beach President *

Leanne Huebner, Former MBEF Executive Board Member *

Marla Zaslansky, Former MB Education Foundation Board Member *

LeRoy Nelson, Former MBUSD School Board Member/President *

Tracey Windes, Former MBUSD School Board Member/President *

Mark Wilhelm, “P.S. I Love You” (Charity) Foundation President *

Neighboring City Leaders:

Jeff Duclos, Hermosa Beach Mayor

Bill Brand, Redondo Beach Mayor

Drew Boyles, El Segundo Mayor

Pat Furey, Torrance Mayor

Stacey Armato, Hermosa Beach Councilmember  —(Mayor in December)

Hany Fangary, Hermosa Beach Councilmember & Former Mayor

Howard Fishman, Former Hermosa Beach Councilmember & Mayor

Other Civic Leaders:

Carol Kwan, West Basin Municipal Water District Board Member - District lll *

Vanessa Poster, Beach Cities Health District President Pro Tem * —(President in January)

Jeffrey Prang, Los Angeles County Assessor *

Ralph Mailloux, South Bay Emergency 911 Communications Center Director *


Organizations listed for identification purposes.                          



Community Members:

Tina Abel

Richard Ackerman

Michelle Adami

Michael Allmon

John Arensdorf

Harry Ashikian

Bret Bernard

Paul Beswick

Bob Blanchard

Neil Boyer

Sharon Brown

Pat & Eliana Campbell

Doug & Diane Carter

Ellen Chao

Jon Chaykowski

Tony Choueke

Virginia Clayton

Steve Collins

Rich & Joan Corgel

Ben & Michelle Dale

Chris Davis

Jeri Dearden

Brian DeCato

Jeff Dooley

Donn Ennis

Brent Enright

Karla Farenholz

Robert Fortunato

Julie Gallas

Ron & Sarah Geller

Jennifer Goldstein

Roy & Julie Gonella

Cathy Grove

Irene Guimera

Mark Hansen

Susan Harris

Bob Heintz

Heather Helbig

Dave Hennessy

David Henschel

Betty Herring

Robert Hoff

Andrew & Justine Hunter

Jim Hunter

Pat Jacobs

Dennis Jarvis

Casey Jennings

Larry Johnson

Kraig & Monaka Kalinich

George Kaufman

Rinee Keldrauk

Lelia Knight

Adam Kreutner 

Peter Landecker

Bob Lauson

Abbott Lawrence

Suzanne Lerner

Tim Lesser

David & Caroline Lessick

Helene Lohr

Rick & Ann Lopez

Mary Maguire

Linda Malek

Bernie Marchant

Tom & Ann Martin

Jan Martinez

Pat Martzen

Susan Matt

Jennifer McAulay

Paul & Terri McCaul

Bill & Pattie McCaverty

Jon & Julie McGauley

Jack McManus

Dennis McNeil

Sean Medi

Tony Messenger

Suzanne Michel

Janet Murphy

Anita Nelson

Kathie Nichols

Pam Nicholson

Steve Noble

Eileen Oda

Joel Oiknine

Steve & Paula Packwood

Stewart & Natalie Padveen

Gino & Theresa Panaro

Jerry & Monique Pancake

Kelly Parker

Alisa Pedersen

Alexis Pedersen

Victoria Peters

King Phillips

Wendy Phillips

Julie Profet

Rico & Cinzia Quevedo

Carla Ramirez

Kyle Ransford

Linda Reinstein

Mervis Reissig

George & Michele Reppucci

Alita Rethmeyer

Albert & Rebecca Roth

Dennis & Susan Roth

J.D. & Chrissy Roth

Sheryl Rothans

Vickie Ruch

John & Karen Russo

Pete & Kim Salzer

Dave Salzman

Roark Sandberg

Susan Saroian

Jeanie Sauder

Marilyn Scott

Vickie Sekits

Mark Shoemaker

Ed Skebe

Dennis Smith

Leslie Smith

Steve & Heidi Snively

Janet Soliman

Bruce & Toni Stafford

Brett & Carmen Stubbs

Peggy Sullivan

Michael Tauber

Margo Thole

Rick & Dana Thornton

Jack Tracy

Kathy Tyrer

Alicia Van der Veer

Bob Visty

Gordana Vukotich

Karol Wahlberg

Tamara Walker

Zach & Wendy Warren

Dennis White

Steve Whitsitt

Scott Whyte

Periann Yanofsky

Julie Young

Sheldon Zaslansky


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👉 WaynePowell4MB@gmail.com


 Note:  Don’t be misled by an opponent’s (and his partisan supporters) deceptive campaign making false and misleading statements about me in an attempt to mislead voters and besmirch my eight years of exemplary City Council dedication, leadership and accomplishments.


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