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Maps of Birthplaces

The following two interactive maps try to use the birthplaces listed on the 1851 and 1881 Wateringbury censuses. Click a marker or hover the mouse over a marker to get details of the place name, and how many Wateringbury residents were born there.

In 1851, people living in Wateringbury were on average 35km from their birthplace. This increased to 44km in 1881.
However, if we restrict our consideration to only those born in the British Isles, and exclude Wateringbury, these figures are almost swapped: in 1851, 46km was the average distance to a non-Wateringbury birthplace in the British Isles, but this reduced slightly to 39km in 1881. (The place markers and associated numbers should be viewed as approximations only.) 

Wateringbury 1851 Birthplaces map

1851 Birthplaces map

Wateringbury 1881 Birthplaces map

1881 Birthplaces map