Lady Lena Campbell Login (1820-1904)

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Lady Lena Campbell Login


While living at Gracedieu (The Thatched House) in Wateringbury, Lena wrote a book, Sir John Login and Duleep Singh about the events surrounding the acquisition by Queen Victoria of the Koh-i-Noor diamond in which she was closely involved.  


Lena Campbell was born near Perth, Scotland in 1820 and, after the death of her parents, was encourage by her brother to come to India where he was serving. She met and, in 1842, married in Luknow, Dr. John Login.

After the Second Sikh War in 1849 her husband was made guardian of the deposed last Maharajah of the Sikhs, 10 year old Duleep Singh. All the property of the Sikh state went to the East India Company with the exception of the Koh-i-Noor diamond, which was given to Queen Victoria. Duleep came to England in 1854 and personally presented the diamond to Queen Victoria in Lena’s presence.

Her husband died in 1867 leaving “effects under £12,000”. By 1881 Lena had moved to Addington and at some time before 1887 had moved to The Thatched House in Wateringbury where she lived until 1901 with two daughters and four female servants.  She died in London in 1904.