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How often as professionals do we get to simply read for pleasure and inspiration in ways that enrich our lives and our work? In this course for all teachers K-12, you may select from a wide range of reading lists, such as Goodreads, NY Times Best Sellers, Bill Gates Reading List—and many more, to choose the book(s) that suit your personal and professional needs.

**Note that there are two Read for Pleasure & Inspiration courses. A 3-credit course where you will have the opportunity to read 200-300 pages (one or two books) and a 6-credit course, whre you will read 600+ pages (two or more books). You can take this course for 3 credits OR  6 credits, but you cannot register for both.

6 Quarter Credits/4 Semester Credits: $475(400/500 level); $360(WA Clock Hours/PDUs)

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3 Quarter Credits/2 Semester Credits: $265 (400/500 level); $180 (WA Clock Hours/PDUs)

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NEW!! THE WELL-BALANCED TEACHER: Stay Sane In & Out of the Classroom

Feel stressed? Feel as if there is not enough time in the day? Feel as if you always put yourself last? In this course, you will learn how to balance your life so that you can feel more positive about yourself and teaching, feel better both physically and mentally, determine your non-negotiables, what to “let go” of, and how to have a mindset of self-efficacy.

3 Quarter Credits/2 Semester Credits: $265 (400/500 level); $180 (WA Clock Hours/PDUs)

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NEW!! Reading Strategies for All Content Areas

You don’t have to become a reading teacher to give your students a few reading strategies which will boost their confidence and ability to engage the material. The text has an extensive list of easy-to-use strategies which many teachers already employ. You will be amazed how easy it is to provide a few tips your students can easily work with to improve their reading comprehension.

3 Quarter Credits/2 Semester Credits: $265 (400/500 level); $180 (WA Clock Hours/PDUs)

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Mathematical Mindsets: Every Student Can Do Math

Create a mathematics classroom atmosphere where students no longer fear math, no longer have anxiety about math, and no longer think they are simply just not good at math.  You will learn how to create a math classroom where students experience mathematics though a positive growth mindset method. Teachers will learn to create mathematical tasks, assessments, and feedback that encourage student growth, understanding, and joy as their students master mathematical ideas and concepts.

5 Quarter Credits/3.33 Semester Credits: $395 (400/500 level); $300 (WA Clock Hours/PDUs)

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When Teaching Gets Tough: Smart Ways to Reclaim Your Game

As a teacher do you ever feel overwhelmed?  Burned-out?  Do you feel as if you can’t get through to some students?  That you lack administrative support? This course offers practical strategies teachers can use to make things better right away.  The text offers specific and distinct examples and strategies for addressing a plethora of difficult situations.

3 Quarter Credits/2 Semester Credits: $265 (400/500 level); $180 (WA Clock Hours/PDUs)

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SETTING LIMITS: A Love & Logic Approach To Classroom Management

The obstacles facing today’s K-12 teachers are enormous. This class teaches you alternatives that will leave you feeling uplifted and successful. You will take control of your classroom as you eliminate power struggles and handle disruptions quickly. You will learn to establish a climate of cooperation and respect using natural and logical consequences. Includes proactive conduct, focused parent conferences and more.

6 Quarter Credits/4 Semester Credit: $475 (400/500 level); $360 (WA Clock Hours, PDU's)

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Focus on solutions for the frustrations and challenges in today’s K-12 classroom. Love and Logic is a highly regarded teaching approach. With it you feel in control and students learn to think for themselves, to raise their level of understanding, and are prepared to function in a society filled with temptation, decisions and consequences. The result is a cohesive classroom where students enjoy learning, and discipline is reduced.

3 Quarter Credits/2 Semester Credits: $265(400/500 level); $180(WA Clock Hours, PDU's)

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Hands-On Math: Real World Applications

“When are we ever gonna use this?” is a question often asked by math students. This happens because skills are so frequently taught in isolation from their application. By participating in hands-on math activities, our students learn the connection between what is taught in the classroom and the real world. This course offers something for all teachers K-12; whether they are specialized math teachers at the high school level or elementary teachers who do it all.

3 Quarter Credits/2 Semester Credit: $265(400/500 level); $180(WA Clock Hours, PDU's)

Teaching Numeracy: Habits to Ignite Math Thinking

This course outlines nine critical thinking habits that foster numeracy and details practical ways to incorporate these habits into your instruction. Included in each habit is an application section with multiple ideas and methods to incorporate numeracy into your classroom. (Common Core & NCTM Standards are incorporated.)

3 Quarter Credits/2 Semester Credits: $265(400/500 level); $180(WA Clock Hours, PDU's)

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LOVE & LOGIC FOR PARENTS & TEACHERS: Raising Responsible Kids

Create effective partnerships with parents around the Love & Logic philosophy and strategies. This course is for all teachers, K-12, promotes a common vision for expectations and accountability both at home and in school. This course will help you, the teacher, and the parent create confident, self-motivated, and responsible children and students.

3 Quarter Credits/2 Semester Credits: 265(400/500 level); $180(WA Clock Hours, PDU's)

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What Teachers are saying...

This was the first time I’ve taken an online class.  I love how less stressed I am, because there is no pressure to be some other physical place at a certain time.  I can do this on my time from my space.  I think I have been able to learn and retain so much more information because of this aspect!
~ Wendy, Love & Logic in Teaching

Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback and your quick email responses as the professor. I've taken a few online classes in the past and this has been my favorite.
~ Carmen, Love&Logic for Parents and Teachers

I began to notice better behavior consistently.  And, importantly, I noticed that I was not feeling frustrated, angry, or stressed with the children.  I felt pretty good at the end of each day.
~ Teresa, Setting Limits: A Love & Logic Approach to Discipline

I did not realize how many different strategies there were to help students understand what they are reading and achieve better reading comprehension.  
~ Shana,  Reading: How to Teach it When You’re Not a Reading Teacher

I thank you for your timely and positive feedback.  I enjoyed the book and feel renewed in my efforts to implement Love & Logic techniques in my classroom (and home).
~ Dale, Love & Logic in Teaching

The chapters on stopping power struggles were unexpectedly helpful.  I hadn’t realized just how many power struggles I was allowing myself to be hooked into every day, leading to that feeling of exhaustion.  This part of the course helped me regain control of my classroom, and myself, and cut the power struggles down to a minimum. 
~ Graham, Setting Limits: A Love & Logic Approach to Discipline

I gained a much better perspective of what they typical middle school student goes through. Their two worlds collide, transitioning from childhood to young adulthood, where they bounce back and forth between both worlds. I appreciated the insights from the authors of book..
~ Shana, Fires in the Bathroom: Lessons From Our Students

In the classroom, I am feeling relieved to have children be responsible for solving their problems. I am spending less time refereeing children with minor disagreements and children are learning to solve issues on their own.
~ Karla, Love & Logic for Parents and Teachers

Every chapter had something that I could implement in my teaching and discipline style, and it was easy enough that I could do it today. This was one of the most useful classes I have taken.
~ Holly,
Setting Limits: A Love & Logic Approach to Discipline

From the moment I started this course, I found things I could use in my daily routine.
~ Jared, Winning Ways: Effective Discipline for Today's Schools

There was also a larger section in this book that gave information on helping students and parents with homework problems.  This is one of the largest problems I deal with on a daily basis.  Having this section in the book was extremely helpful and will be a great resource for years to come.
~ Susan, Love & Logic in Teaching

Teaching a specific reading tool versus teaching specific content was a great way for my students to see that they can use a reading strategy in many different subject areas.
~ Angie, Reading: How to Teach it When You’re Not a Reading Teacher

I was surprised that the strategies were quite easy to implement without requiring any materials or set up.   I noticed a change in the attitude of my students immediately upon changing the way I have been dealing with them.
~ Kathy, Love & Logic in Teaching

The ease of the class being online was very helpful.  I was able to complete the reading and assignments on my timeline.
~ Darci, Reading: How to Teach it When You’re Not a Reading Teacher

I’m so ecstatic to see that this Love and Logic method in teaching really does work in such a positive, simple and straight forward way!  It is really a life line for classroom control and personal sanity to all individuals that work with children and young adults.
~ Wendy, Love & Logic in Teaching

The class offered much practical information that has already begun to change my ability to manage difficult classes.
~ Stephanie, Setting Limits: A Love & Logic Approach to Discipline

I'm looking forward to using the Love and Logic principles in the classroom.  I'm convinced that it is going to make me a better teacher and have a positive impact on all the students.
~ Kathy, Love & Logic in Teaching

I can honestly say that-before this course-I had never had a learning experience impact my career as much as this.
~ Jessica, Love & Logic for Parents and Teachers

This course provided new strategies that I was able to implement immediately and it provided strategies that I will be able to implement in upcoming school years. 
~ Sara, Setting Limits: A Love & Logic Approach to Discipline

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