The War and Peace Print Project

                 In response to the political agenda of the U.S. during the George W. Bush administration, the artists Patricia Dahlman, Michael Dal Cerro, and Deborah Harris formed The War and Peace Print Project. The artists worked collaboratively and completed two projects- a limited edition book, “We Live In a Divided Country, Try to Bridge That Gap” and “Prints for MoveOn,” prints made for and sold to benefit the organization

                  Inspired by the presidential concession speech given by John Kerry on November 3, 2004 the artists made a small edition artist book, “We Live In a Divided Country, Try to Bridge That Gap.” Investigating different approaches to “bridging that gap” each artist made four wood block or linoleum prints. The book is printed in an edition of 30, bound with a hard back cover, and received partial funding from the Puffin Foundation. Cost of the book is $350.

                  "Prints for MoveOn" is a set of six prints with the subject matter of war and peace. The entire set consists of six prints and includes an archival portfolio and sells for $450. Prints can be purchased separately for $75.

For more information contact Patricia Dahlman at or call 201-372-9198

All images are copyrighted. Permission from the artist required to reproduce images.



Prints for MoveOn

"War" Michael Dal Cerro

"Peace" Michael Dal Cerro

"Peace" Patricia Dahlman

"War" Patricia Dahlman
"War" Patricia Dahlman

"Peace" Deborah Harris

"War" Deborah Harris

Images from the book "We Live in A Divided Country, Try to Bridge That Gap."

"We're Bridging That Gap #2" Patricia Dahlman

"We're Bridging That Gap" Patricia Dahlman

"Diverse Communities Bridge That Gap" Patricia Dahlman

"Family-Democracy" Patricia Dahlman

"Party" Michael Dal Cerro

"Construction Workers" Michael Dal Cerro

"Firemen" Michael Dal Cerro

"Mixed Marriage" Michael Dal Cerro

"A Stitch in Time" Deborah Harris

"I'll Fly Away, Old Glory" Deborah Harris

"Take the Money and Run" Deborah Harris