Who We Are

"The Waltham Family School" is a comprehensive family literacy program that dramatically improves educational opportunities for children by integrating early childhood, adult education and parenting activities.  We serve families with lowest levels of income and education: 

  • 60% of parents have a 6th grade education or less in their home countries, and several have never had the opportunity to attend school before.
  • 100% meet HUD low or very low income guidelines
  • 82% of parents are from Central and South America, with others from Asia and Africa.
  • A highly trained and dedicated staff, 
  • Thousands of volunteer hours from Bentley University, Brandeis University, and community volunteers
  • Support from the Waltham Public Schools, the Waltham Partnership for Youth, and other community partners
  • And through the financial support of caring donors 
                                We are changing lives!

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