How We Serve our Families:

Early Childhood Education

WFS provides preschool classes four days per week for children ages two to five, through a developmentally appropriate, play-based curriculum for English Language Learners with a special emphasis on building literacy skills in a language and print-rich enironment. WFS prepares children to enter kindergarten ready to learn!


WFS Offers three levels of ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes for parents, including the four elements of ESOL instruction: speaking, listening, readings, and writing.  Parent classes meet at the same time and in the same building as preschool classes, addressing challenges of transportation and childcare. Community volunteers support classroom instruction with individual and small group tutoring.

Interactive Literacy

Each family participates in three hours of interactive literacy each week, promoting positive communication and interaction as parents and children read, play, and learn together.


As part of their ESOL classes, parents strengthen parenting skills.  This included interpreting their child's report card, managing common childhood illnesses, preparing healthy meals and snacks, and preparing for parent-teacher conferences.

Home Visiting

A reality in the past, a hope for the future.

The Waltham Family School used to receive significant financial support through Federal Even Start Funds, and used to provide home visitation to each family in order to increase positive verbal interactions between parents and children. Home visitors would bring a book or toy to each visit and coach parents to play with and read to their children, linking in-school learning with activities in the home.  In 2011, all Federal funding was cut.  Thanks to tremendous local support and the gifts of many generous donors, the Waltham Family school was able to continue all of it's programming except for home visitation.   It is our hope that in years to come, through increased local community support, this beneficial component of the program might be reestablished.