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As far as I know, Kristen Ann never taught at a Waldorf school. However, she took Waldorf teacher training, and her account would seem to belong here at Waldorf Watch. The following is taken from her website,, where she promotes her book, EXPLORING SACRED SPACE. Kristen Ann gives us a peek into the mindset shared by at least some of Rudolf Steiner’s followers.

Among occultists, esotericists, and the generally gullible, 2012 was expected to be a stupendous year — indeed, many expected the world to end. This was the doom they thought the ancient Mayans had forecast. At least one subset of Anthroposophists shared in the resulting tizzy, although they put their own Anthroposophical backspin on the story. For the semi-official Steinerite view of what 2012 was likely to bring, see such books as CHRIST AND THE MAYA CALENDAR: 2012 and the Coming of the Antichrist (Lindisfarne Books, 2009) [] Lindisfarne is an imprint of the Anthroposophic Press.

For a peek at prior Anthroposophical predictions of impending events, see "Millennium".

—Roger Rawlings

From promotional material:

Kristen has spent a lifetime studying spirituality and metaphysics. As a child she sensed that there were many levels or dimensions to life beyond what we see, and she had the inquisitive drive to know and to understand life's deepest mysteries. Her life has been one of unusual experiences, encounters and constant "coincidences" or synchronicities. Both people and events have often come into her life that expanded her understanding.

She had a near-death experience as a child and began a little private "library" of spiritual and metaphysical books not long after that in the mid 60s. In 1970 she learned Transcendental meditation and then in the mid '70s she studied the research and findings of the profound clairvoyant Rudolf Steiner. Her two-year formal studies of Steiner were greatly enhanced by having a professor, Werner Glas, who also had a profound level of clairvoyance. []

"We are living at the most significant time

in the entire history of planet Earth. A

tremendous change is destined to happen

and we have come to be a part of it."

"We are living at a time of Noah." Werner* spoke with a dramatic British accent, and his dark eyes seemed to reach into your very soul.

The year was 1974. I was twenty and studying at the Waldorf Teacher Training Institute in Detroit. The Waldorf system is based on the intriguing philosophy and science of Rudolf Steiner. Steiner was an amazingly gifted clairvoyant whose presence forever changed and enriched humanity. What he taught was from the truly natural perspective of life, taking into consideration the deeper dimension of spirituality. It was Rudolf Steiner, in fact, who created Bio-Dynamic Farming among so many other things.

My two years of studies at the Waldorf Teacher Training Institute were made all the more intriguing by our professor Werner Glas. Every feature of his being portrayed the unique person he was.

This was just one of countless fascinating classes over my two years at this unforgettable center of higher learning. It was definitely "higher learning" to the extreme, in the deepest sense of those words. This particular class stands out in my memory because it was about our point in time, what made it so significant, and the unprecedented event that will be coming. Werner gave us clear details on the coming Transition. It was the clearest, most revealing information on the Transition and 2012 that I've ever found. The countless speculations out there about 2012 have raised too much fear about what may be coming. What I had learned is different because it is the factual accounts of what will be. I've written this book to give much-needed information and a perspective that would be so helpful for people to understand at this crucial point in time. This perspective is different than anything else written or said about the Transition because this is coming from a place of clairvoyance — which is a state of knowing what is and what will be, along with why.

In addition to these studies, the book goes into all the other significant people with in-depth information who've crossed Kristen's path. Some have had many levels of top secret clearance. Some have had other profound experiences where certain things have been revealed and verified to them. All of these revelations combined have drawn one clear scenario — and this information needs to be shared and understood so that people can be informed and prepared for what is coming. In addition to much-needed information, the book gives instructions to be prepared for this unprecedented Transition.

Our point in time is unique. We've all chosen to be here now to both witness and be a part of this. I wrote Exploring Sacred Space: A Vast Quest to give a clear understanding of some of life's mysteries, our point in time, and what lies in our near future. Understanding diminishes fear and allows us to move forward with purpose and confidence. This immense Transition will be the beginning of a new way of existence. []

* Werner Glas was a respected Anthroposophist, the author of THE WALDORF SCHOOL APPROACH TO HISTORY (Anthroposophic Press, 1963). He was instrumental in the establishment of Waldorf teacher training at the Sunbridge Institute. []


Before We Start




1. When You’re Ready the Teacher Will Come

2. An Enigmatic Lesson

3. Extraordinary TImes, Extraordinary Beings

4. An Otherworldly Event

5. Another Class: Revelations Continue

6. a-l, Exploring a Multi-Faceted Universe

6. m-r, Exploring a Multi-Faceted Universe

7. The Teaching Unfolds

8. Days of Merlin + Arthur: Pivotal Moment in Time

9. More Revelations + Instructions to Prepare for the Future

10. A Little Spiritual Cosmology

11. Other Beings Playing a Part

12. Meeting Dan Fry

13. Surgeon From Another World?

14. Dinner With an Alien?

15. A Mysterious Time Loss Incident

16. “Coincidental” Meeting and More Verification

17. The Power of Meditation

18. A Harp Story

19. Experiences in Egypt

20. Clues to the Egyptian Mysteries

21. A Pre-Destined Crystal

22. The Maltese Connection

23. The Spring Full Moon Festivals

24. Halfway To Heaven

Resources + Books

About the Author

"Exploring Sacred Space: A Vast Quest" reveals further details that people need to know at this pivotal moment in history. Many other disclosures are also given, including some of the deepest Egyptian mysteries. Learn what the Egyptians knew about extraterrestrial races and why they have been so interested in our planet at this time. Kristen's meetings with Dan Fry in the late '70s are also described in detail. Dan Fry was a contactee starting in the '50s. Kristen spent several weekends with Dan and Florence Fry at their 1970s home in Tonapah, Arizona. She and Dan had the most fascinating, eye-opening conversations about the startling facts that the aliens had told him about our history and our future. Many of these conversations are detailed in the book. The list of respected people who've had encounters [with aliens] continues to grow. We will reach a point where this part of the total scenario of what is and what will be happening on this planet will come out. []


* Promotional material for CHRIST AND THE MAYA CALENDAR:

"Despite the explosion of books, videos and TV shows that claim to penetrate the mystery of '2012'-the numerical shorthand for the completion on December 21, 2012, of the thirteenth B'ak'tun cycle in the Long Count of the Maya calendar-consensus about its meaning seems to remain elusive. As metaphysical speculation mounts, professional astronomers and ethnologists dismiss the whole body of modern interpretations of the Mayan calendar as New Age gobbledygook. Among the supposed seers themselves-including José Arguelles, Carl Johann Calleman, and Daniel Pinchbeck-doctrinal disputes worthy of academics are now the norm. The scholars have every right to be miffed at the sometimes sloppy thinking and exaggerated claims of the seers, which tend toward enthusiastic proclamations of an imminent, universally accelerated psychic evolution, while the seers themselves have legitimate critiques about the limits of scientific inquiry when it comes to the prophetic traditions of ancient peoples. Christ and the Maya Calendar approaches the significance of 2012 by spiritually penetrating phenomena of today. Drawing on the book of Revelation — which provides an archetype for understanding spiritual history, as well as on Rudolf Steiner's Apocalyptic indications — a completely new context for grasping the end date of the Maya calendar emerges. In a November 1919 lecture, Steiner made a stunning remark about Ahriman: 'Ahriman skillfully prepares his goal beforehand ... [and] will find an important instrument for preparing his incarnation. His incarnation is undoubtedly coming, and this lack of insight will enable him to prepare it triumphantly.' The subtitle of this book — "2012 and the Coming of the Antichrist" — refers to this coming incarnation of Ahriman. In fact, Steiner narrowed the timeline for Ahriman's incarnation, saying it would come "before even a small part of the third millennium has run its course." Just after Christmas 1919, Steiner revealed more about the impending incarnation of Ahriman, saying almost offhandedly that Ahriman's name might be 'John William Smith.'* With this remark, he clearly pointed to the incarnation occurring in the English-speaking West, while other remarks made it is certain Steiner meant that the incarnation would take place in America. In addition to penetrating the spiritual background of our time in relation to the coming of the Antichrist (the incarnation of Ahriman), the authors explore the significance of the Mexican mysteries and present a wealth of new research with the intention of helping the reader to navigate the Apocalyptic scenario currently shaping up, with the global financial crisis as one important expression. Most important, the authors refer to the Second Coming of Christ as the true event of our time; the incarnation of Satan/Ahriman is its shadow. The authors also show the significance of Divine Sophia as the antidote to negative consequences of Ahriman's incarnation. Finally, as a positive manifestation of the world of spirit in our time, the book discusses the significance of the young anthroposophist, Judith von Halle, who since Easter 2004 has born the stigmata, the visible signs of the wounds of Christ." []

* "When the incarnation of Ahriman takes place in the Western World we shall simply see inscribed in the local Register, the birth of John William Smith (of course, this will not be the name) and people will look upon the child as a citizen in comfortable circumstances like any other, and they will sleep through what has in reality taken place." — Rudolf Steiner, THE COSMIC NEW YEAR (Rudolf Steiner Publishing Co., 1938), lecture 3, GA 195.



I am writing this postscript late in 2014. All the excitement and dread occasioned by the pending arrival of the terrible, epochal year 2012 has pretty well died down. Perhaps we slept through it — that is, maybe we failed to see what was happening, as Steiner foretold — but it would seem that none of the predictions came true. The world did not end, evidently. Nor did a "Transition" to a new phase of evolution begin, evidently. Nor was Ahriman incarnated, evidently. (Quite possibly 2012 saw the birth of John William Smith — or multiple John William Smiths, come to that — but since Steiner said this wouldn't be Ahriman's actual alias, checking into birth registries for this name would get us nowhere.)

Most of the fuss about 2012 was nonsense. It occurred because a cycle of years as laid out in the ancient Mayan calendar came to an end on December 21, 2012. [See THE ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA:] Mystics deemed this ominous, although some commentators said the Mayan calendar was being misinterpreted and thus all the uproar was baseless. [See WIKIPEDIA:] But surely the uproar was baseless whether or not anyone knew how to read the Mayan calendar. Why in the world would anyone think an ancient calendar held the key to the future? Why in the world would anyone turn to an ancient people for knowledge of the future? Why in the world?

Books such as EXPLORING SACRED SPACE and CHRIST AND THE MAYA CALENDAR open a window into the bemused and benighted echo chamber of Anthroposophical thought. Both books push beyond Steiner's teachings, but both also depend heavily on Steiner's teachings, and both follow a pattern established by Steiner himself. Anthroposophists generally affirm the reality of mystical, metaphysical, and paranormal phenomena, just as Steiner did. And Anthroposophists generally look to the ancient world for "wisdom" while rejected most of the science and scholarship of the modern world. Typically, Anthroposophists latch onto the strange and mysterious, affirming them as realities while insisting on their own "higher" insights into these phenomena. No one has the fundamental answers except Anthroposophists with their clairvoyant super-vision reaching far into the past and far into the future. Or so Anthroposophists complacently believe. Do ghosts exist? Yes, but they aren't what most people think. Do gnomes exist? Yes, but they aren't what most people think. Do flying saucers exist? Yes, but they aren't what most people think. [For these and other, related matters, see THE BRIEF WALDORF / STEINER ENCYCLOPEDIA.]

Anthroposophy is a delusional worldview buttressed by claims of superior, "objective," clairvoyant knowledge. No one outside Anthroposophy need be concerned about any of this. Anthroposophists certainly have the right to believe whatever they like, just as they are free to tell each other any tales they like. But anyone standing outside Anthroposophy who finds no truth in Anthroposophical thinking should pause and consider carefully before sending children to Waldorf schools, which are based on Anthroposophical thinking.

To delve into Anthroposophical forecasts of various futures see, e.g., "Millennium", "Past and Future", "Future Stages", and "Steiner Static". To look into Anthroposophy's approach to ancient "wisdom," see "The Ancients."

— Roger Rawlings

December 14, 2014