Mission Statement and what we do.

Mission Statement

Diverdaves wader repairs strives to take a product manufactured by a different company and improve upon it, using a technique that would not be cost effective for that manufacturer. We always aim to do the best possible job we can, and would rather this took slightly longer than planned if it will ensure we can do a top quality job. In the unlikely event of a problem with any work we have done, we then aim to resolve the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We aim to keep our customer informed of the progress we are making with their waders, ideally by regular emails or phone calls

Our process.

When we receive a set of waders we firstly pressure test them, to identify all the leaks. These leaks will be marked on the inside of the wader and the customer given an accurate price for completing a repair job, if this has not already been done. We wait for the customers agreement of this price before proceeding with the repair, unless they have already told us to go ahead. However, dont worry, the maximum price for a refurbishment is £45, and this includes all seams sealed and any pin holes repaired. the record to date is over 100! If the waders are totally porous, very rare, we can still seal them for you, this costs an extra £5, and although this does effect the breathability they will generally be airtight for a season or so after the process. Normal seam seals literally last for years. Once the repair is carried out we will repeat the pressure test, to ensure that all the repairs are air tight, and to make sure that no leaks are missed. We will repeat this as often as is necessary. All waders must pass a minimum of two tests, and we normally require 3 test passes before dispatch. Please note we try to do all the work on the inside of the wader, and will only do external works after we have contacted you, and this is generally as a last resort, ot to provide additional strength to thin or worn waders. We dont do general external cosmetic work routinely, but will if asked. Our aim is always to get your waders watertight, without doing external works to them.

Our materials

We use only the best glues, sealants, chemicals and repair materials that we know of. Many of these are sourced through the diving and oil industries, where repairs are safety critical and designed to last, and where we have over 25 years of experience. Although this is expensive it ensures we can offer a long lasting repair, and gives us confidence in our work.

Pricing and postage

We always aim to have set prices for all jobs, so before we start our customer knows exactly what they will be paying. Custom jobs are discussed and a price given and agreed before we start the job. Because of the outlay, we always require payment before we dispatch back to the customer. We always return waders to our customers insured, and by the most effective and cost efficient method. We continually strive to improve on this. On return your waders will have a report on the condition and work carried out on them, and the inside will have a light application of talc. This is to make getting into them easier in the future, and to stop any risk of them sticking.
During the angling season many of our customers are working to tight deadlines, due to booked fishings. We will always strive to get your waders to you by the required date. To achieve this occasionally we have to post the waders immediately after their final test and this means that they may be damp or even wet inside. We always advice that you check your waders are fully dry inside before using them
Payment and non collection of waders

We occasionally get waders sent to us with no contact details. If we cannot trace or work out who owns them we will not start the repairs until we are contacted by the owner. We require payment in full before waders are dispatched. If payment is not received, or we have no contact from an angler we will hold these waders for 3 months after which they will be disposed of.


Unexpected problems


The longer we do this and the more waders we service the more folks we deal with 99.9% are grand, and the transaction goes great, but now and again something goes wrong, at either end and we tend to have to sort it. We keep a stock of warranty replacement waders for this, which we seal and sell with a years guarantee. We cannot guarantee the brand or model, indeed we cannot guarantee folks perceptions of good and bad models either! We will supply the best we can, but will not replace old beat up waders for new ones, or for any particular brand or model, particularly obselete ones. If you expect us to, please dont send them!