check list before sending your waders

We will always do our best to get the waders as efficiently and as quickly repaired and returned to you as possible, but you can help us make this easier and quicker for you
  • Make sure your waders are reasonably clean and dry. If they are wet and we cannot read your note to us we get problems. Wet notes dont read well. Also, please dont say as per our conversation of last week, as my phone / facebook/ 3 forums messages and email go 24 / 7 and though i may remember i wont remember the detail

  • Make sure you have removed the belt and bag, but leave the braces on. We need something to hang them by, but will lose any belts sent with them!

  • Remove you car, boat, house keys, fly boxes, cameras and anything else in the pockets. If it hits the floor, we will have no idea which waders it has come from. We do really quite a few!

  • Make sure you have a note in with them, telling me what is required if you want alterations, and your name, address, contact number and email address. I MUST BE ABLE TO READ IT. If you dont hear from me with about a week of sending them i cannot contact you, so please call me.

  • It is worth writing your details on the waders on the inside. I can have a dozen of xxx brand in medium, so it really wont help to identify them.

  • Send the correct address. If you live in 17 b please note this on the address form. If not i will just send to no 17 as the note says. i get this every week! A contact number really helps here, the royal mail will call you if they cannot find you.

  • Ideally turn stocking foots inside out before sending them to us. leave boot foots the right way round. Dont worry if you cannot but it really helps us.

  • Ideally send them in a bin bag. Boxes are more difficult to dispose of.

  • Even if you have emailed me regularly, use our royal mail collection service or are a regular customer please put all the details into a note with your waders. It really speeds up the process if i can transfer all the details into my database without looking back few a few hundred emails/ facebook or forums PM's for your contact details. Less admin time means more sealing and testing time, and this means you get the waders back quicker.