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Ride Reports

NSW South Coast Ride - by Liz Laver

posted Dec 5, 2017, 7:10 PM by Victoria Police Cycling Club   [ updated Dec 5, 2017, 8:11 PM ]

Ok here it is, the comings and goings of our multi-day November ride for 2017 - SOUTH COAST NSW


Oxford - Kiama

We started our journey from Otford on the coast, about 1 hour south of Sydney.  Here we met 

at the train station where the truck was there waiting for us with our bikes and bags.  After a quick fix

-the-handle-bars, put-the-pedals-on and pump-up-the-tyres, we were off! The forecast was to be warm & sunny and the ride book said 'undulations'.  We had only gone a couple of kms when we got to the spectacular Seacliffe Bridge which goes for 700mts over the water.  Fantastic view.  We had 71kms to do today and there was plenty of scenic coffee stops all the way along.  Staying at a motel in Kiama tonight and dinner was at a local pub.


Kiama - Huskisson

And its 75kms today to get to Huskisson.  More scenic riding close to the coast and more warm sunny weather.

Some wineries were on the way and plenty of coffee and good food was to be found.  Loris managed to find (bribe) someone to drive her to Myola where the ferry was waiting to take us across the water to Huskisson. I think Gordon might have helped Peter K with his navigations in the truck too (DNF)! It took 2 trips on the ferry to take us across and we paid the ferry man his fee.  Dinner tonight was 'each to their own' so we went down the street and found some great eateries.

Huskisson - Bendalong Point

51kms today inland through some Conjola National Park and some lovely bushland. After a couple of coffee stops we arrived at Bendalong Point; a scenic spot right on the coast.


Bendalong - Batemans Bay

We did almost 90kms today.  Kristina met up with her Aunt who lives in Mollymook, to spend the day with her. Unfortunately she got news that her mother was not well so had to leave very early the next morning. Had a very nice coffee stop at a cafe/nursery just before Milton. A couple of people go the 'heebie jeebies' about a narrow road without a shoulder, so go a lift in the truck.  Wasn't that bad though, even though there wasn't too much room between me & 

the traffic. We meant for everyone to stop at the historic bakery at the end of town but they pulled into the first one they saw.  They had good coffee so that was fine.  A few stopped at Cuppit's Winery which had a fabulous view (with wines to match)....... we did partake in a bit of a tasting.  Some more than others :) Tonight's accommodation was at a Big4 caravan park right near the water which was great.  We stayed for 2 nights.

 Batemans Bay - Barlings Beach via Mogo Zoo

Not far to ride today, but we stopped at Mogo Zoo for a few hours.  Great little zoo inland halfway to Barlings Beach.  We fed the giraffe and had some lunch there and met some of the locals.  Was a great day. Tonights bed was in the Caravan Park, right on the sand near the beach. Great cabins here, really top condition and big.


Barlings Beach - Narooma

And it was about 75kms on the bike today. Riding not too far from the coast, we came into Moruya where we checked out the local bike shop.  Picked up some water bottle for everyone here then it was on to the coffee shop 100mts around the corner.  Sat there for a while then it was time to go again.  Had a short section of gravel but not too bad.  Got to Coila & tried to find (or at lease Julie tried to find) "Dave's Sexual Service For Ladies" which used to be behind the pink aeroplane...... not much luck there so we had to leave!  Not to worry, we had lunch at the bakery in Bodalla which had to do. And on to Narooma it is for the next 2 nights in another Big4 caravan park near the water. Rest day we went for a cruise on the Wagonga Inlet in a 100 year old electric huon pine ferry.  Was great and only $20 each.


Narooma - Bermagui

Another short day of 43kms to ride.  But it rained all night and we weren't excited about starting riding in the rain or being wet all day on the bike, so we tried to find a 12 seater bus to hire instead of riding.  We ended up using the Tarago van from the pub that they use to take drunks home.  The publican was fantastic and let us use it all day without any cost.  "Just fill it up with petrol" he said, "that will do". I offered him some $$ but he refused.  The window did leak, but we didn't get as wet as we would have if we rode.  We all stopped at Central Tilba for some lunch but it was too wet to look around much. Would have been a really scenic ride. Stayed at a caravan park at the end of town on the hill.  Great spot  and fantastic big cabins.


Bermagui - Merimbula

Our last day riding.  Was about 70kms.  Wanted to stop at Mimosa Winery but it was closed.  The last of the hills today and we're all much stronger for these undulations.  Just getting started and it's time to stop. Staying at the Pelican Motel for the next 2 nights.  I got a phone call half way through the day saying 'we're looking forward to seeing you TOMORROW night! I got really worried thinking I'd brooked the wrong dates, but it was them who mucked up.  So we were in the motel down the road for 1 night and back to Pelican for the second night.  Meant we had to pack/unpack twice! We didn't get any sort of discount for their mistake either.  Maybe I should have insisted.....  


Merimbula - Melbourne

Today is bus & train day.  We walked around the corner to the bus stop for a 7.45 departure.  Had the pick of seats seeing we were the first to board.  Bus driver was good, kept chatting all the way.  Seems he used to drive semi trailers interstate for many years but chucked it in so now he's been on the buses for the last 18 years or so.  Some had to sit near a nagging woman who talked a whinged all the way.  Had a couple of stops on the way including 30 minutes at Cann River.  I walked to the bridge and took a few photos.  There was a high wire fence stopping anyone getting near the water so just had to look down  instead.  

Then it was a swap of transport, on to the train at Bairnsdale for our home run.  At least we could spread our legs out & walk around. There was a cafe carriage so Peter G got a coffee.




So it was a fantastic trip going along the South Coast, I've never done that before. And the weather was perfect except for that 1 day.  

And on the beach at Merimbula were millions of these funny blue crabs running round all over the sand.  Tiny little things they were.  They'd run run run then all of a sudden stop and bury themselves.

Anyway I think everyone had a great time.  No one whinged (too much) and there were no major incidents (all limbs stayed in tact), so I expect that all will be looking forward to our SOUTH ISLAND NEW ZEALAND  trip next November.......... watch this space for more info.

Click here for access to the photo gallery.  

June Long weekend 2017 - Kerang

posted Jun 21, 2017, 10:25 PM by Victoria Police Cycling Club   [ updated Jun 21, 2017, 10:26 PM ]

Each year the club schedules a number of weekend rides to coincide with Long weekends and Easter. These weekends away are usually a mixture of riding and other activities as agreed between those that attend. We usually base ourselves in one location and then ride, walk or drive to other nearby locations.

This last long weekend a group of club members went to Kerang for the weekend. Now there’s nothing really notable about Kerang in itself but its close to the Murray river, Swan Hill and is very FLAT. This weekend, we had Liz, Sandra, Virginia, David, Peter, George and Jim.

We all arrived at Kerang on Friday night as night was falling, so no riding on Friday. A quick meal and off to bed ready for riding the next day. One thing about Kerang is that it get’s pretty cold at night so it’s a good thing the cabins had good heating.

On Saturday we decided to ride to Koondrook and Barham. The weather was sunny and mild. In fact the weather for the whole weekend was fantastic. As is often the case with club members, coffee and other activities (shopping) can sometimes get in the way of riding so we didn’t get away from Kerang until after 11. You’d have to wonder exactly what shopping experiences could Kerang offer, but it didn’t stop some of our members from looking.

The ride to Koondrook was pleasant and pretty uneventful. Koondrook is a pretty town that has an old tramway, rolling stock and an old wharf on the Murray. Koondrook also has an interesting lift span bridge. We had lunch at Barham and proceeded to back Kerang via a Western loop (about 40Ks).

Our Sunday ride saw us ride back via Koondrook to a café we saw the day before on the Murrabit road. One of our members decided to drive—Still lunch at the Farm 253 café was great. After lunch we picked up the bikes and drove to Swan Hill for a look around and afternoon tea. Peter and Liz rode back to Kerang.

On Saturday night the Kerang Caravan park staff fed us baked potatoes in jackets and “entertained” us with their versions of a number of country and Western classics. They made up with enthusiasm what they lacked in talent. Even so we all enjoyed their company.

Sunday morning saw us all gather for a coffee in town after breakfast before setting off on the drive back home.

A satisfying and relaxing weekend. Report by David



March Long Weekend 2017 - Fish Creek

posted Jun 21, 2017, 10:19 PM by Victoria Police Cycling Club

Our Ride on the March long weekend was headquartered at Fish Creek in South Gippsland. On this weekend ride we had Liz and Budge, Gordon, Dario, Jim, Ron, Liz Mac, Virginia and David.

While we stayed at the Fish Creek Hotel our intention was to ride in both directions on the Great Southern Rail Trail which extends between Korumburra and Port Welshpool.

Our First day was spent riding south to Port Welshpool via Foster and Toora. That night we had a social evening at the KO café (except Ron and Jim—who dined at the servo) and set out on Sunday to ride to Korumburra.

Unfortunately the weather on Sunday was not kind to us and we spent some considerable time sheltering from the rain. A consolation was the coffee & cake at Meenyan.

Still…. That’s what riding is all about. You have to take the weather and terrain as it comes :). Report by David


Mt Hotham - Easter Long weekend 2017

posted Jun 21, 2017, 10:13 PM by Victoria Police Cycling Club   [ updated Jun 21, 2017, 10:15 PM ]

Over Easter a group of our members (Di & Carter, Matt Rafferty, Peter G, George M, Dario, Liz Mc, Sandra, Lebecca, John Linton & Liz Laver) went up to Mt Hotham for 4 nights, where we stayed at the Shepparton Bush Walking Club's chalet.

It's a fantastic place with panoramic views from all rooms, and we could see 'forever' from our rooms as we had clear skies and sunshine all weekend.  Between us all we managed to ride, walk and jog to Dinner Plain, which is 12kms from Hotham.

Matt managed to talk Liz into jogging to Dinner Plain which wasn't as hard as she thought.  Sandra & Lebecca went for a bit of a scenic drive up hill and down dale which went nearly 200kms.  Matt rode down to Harrietville and back up, just for something to do. 

We did frequent the pub to eat, drink and chat, and also ventured to the cafe at Dinner Plain a few times.  Highly recommend Mt Hotham, such fabulous countryside. Report by Liz


Easter Bike 2015 (2-6 April 2015)

posted Apr 14, 2015, 7:48 PM by Victoria Police Cycling Club   [ updated Apr 14, 2015, 10:55 PM ]

This year's Easter Bike was held at Alexandra in Central Victoria. Alexandra has many attractions, not the least of which are 3 nice pubs and a number of other eating establishments. The real reason we went to Alexandra though was so that we could cycle on the Great Victorian Rail trail, reputed to be the longest rail trail in Australia. The trail goes from Mansfield in the North East, to Seymour in the South west, a total distance of xx KMs. The Rail trail is extremely popular with cyclists coming from all around Australia to ride.

This was certainly the case on this Easter weekend witht he Town of Alexandra being completely full with all accommodation being booked out as groups of cyclists made their way down the trail.

There were 18 of us in our group all up, made up of a number of longer standing members as well as some new ones. Unfortunately Jim Cunneen was a late withdrawal due to Illness.

At the beginning of the weekend we were concerned that the weather might not be too kind to us, but as the weekend went on the weather just kept on getting better with sunny skies and gentle winds on every day.

Here are some highlights:

Day 1 (Friday 3 April)
Having travelled on Thursday night, all our group was up early and looking for breakfast. Some of our group in the Shamrock hotel had to deal with rowdy arguments over $20 outside their window overnight so not everyone had as much sleep. At breakfast we decided we would ride to the Cheviot tunnel and then ride back to Yarck for lunch. After riding up the 9 Km hill to the tunnel (not 3 Km as P. Baker tried to tell us) we ended up at Moleswoth for lunch. A beautiful setting and great food. Sandra and Lebecca did ride to Yarck and had the misfortune to fall off their bikes on a bike eating gravel drive way. I believe Lebecca fell on top of Sandra. We had some role reversals on Friday night with Peter B and Macca opting for the kids meals..

Day 2 (Saturday 4 April):
Saturday dawned fine and we all went for breakfast and decided that there were enough markets open to keep most of us off our bikes for the day. Sandra and Lebecca did ride but most of the rest of us headed off to Taggerty and Eildon to look at the markets. Peter B, Peter L and David B soon found out that too many markets aren't necessarily that good but we had to stick it out so that the girls could look at every stall on the markets. Saturday afternoon was spent relaxing or lunching. Saturday night was a group dinner with street entertainment later that night...from the 80's night on one side of the street and the disco on the other. Most of the action seemed to be after the hotels closed.

Day 3 (Sunday 5 April):
Sunny weather again. After looking at another market (this time in Alexandra), we got on the bikes and rode back on the rail trail, this time heading to Yarck. Along the way we had the opportunity to experience the bike eating driveway, although Budge and Stefan did their best to clear a safer path through the gravel. Budge had words with he owner. After lunch we rode back to Alexandra to have a rest, only to be wakened by a man riding a bull down the street. a sight to behold. On Sunday night we had one of the longest dinners in history at the Commercial Hotel.

Day 4 (Monday 6 April):
We all went on our ways after breakfast, satisfied that we did what we normally do when we ride:- ride moderately and eat to excess.

More photos from the weekend can be found here. I think there are more to come from Liz.

David B

Ferntree Gully (chocolate)

posted Apr 14, 2015, 7:21 PM by Victoria Police Cycling Club   [ updated Apr 14, 2015, 10:56 PM ]

On 14 March a small group of riders met at the Wantirna South Sports Centre for a morning ride through the Eastern Suburbs. The weather was fine and there was little wind. We were looking forward to a stop along the way to sample the fine hot Chocolates at Hahndorfs in Ferntree Gully. Virginia and David visited this establishment earlier in the year and were surprised to learn that it takes over a week to make the base for the hot chocolate.

So we set off down Ferntree Gully road to get onto the Bike trail that winds its way up to Belgrave. Out stop at the Chocolate shop was to be only after 10KM so we had barely built up a sweat. Once we sat down for our drinks we were also pleasantly surprised that they also hand out free samples of their chocolates.

After an hour of sipping and chatting we continued on around through to Boronia on the Rail trail.

After leaving this trail we headed back around to home via the Dandenong Creek trail which can be ridden all the way from Kilsyth to the beach at Carrum (perhaps another ride).

A great feature of the Dandenong creek trail is the series of wetlands we rode through or alongside as we wound our way back home.

At 35KM I can only hope we were able to ride off the chocolate.

I've added a PDF of our route if anyone is interested.

David B.

Ice-cream ride

posted Feb 21, 2015, 5:30 PM by Liz Laver   [ updated Feb 21, 2015, 6:08 PM ]

On this hot day is was a great place to be - an ICE-CREAM SHOP !  Some of us sat down in the shady courtyard of Dairy Bell Ice-Cream & had ourselves a rum & raisin ice-cream cone.  Such a great spot to while away some time in the shade on this hot day.  And it was good to catch up with Jim Cunneen who popped in to see us.

You Yangs 18 Jan

posted Jan 27, 2015, 4:55 PM by Victoria Police Cycling Club   [ updated Jan 27, 2015, 4:56 PM ]

Dermot led a ride group in the You Yangs on 18 Jan.... More information and video to come

The Mt Hotham Weekend - How it went

posted Jan 27, 2015, 4:46 PM by Victoria Police Cycling Club   [ updated Feb 1, 2015, 4:43 PM ]

Mt Hotham Jan 2015

Ok here it is everyone - how it went at Mt Hotham.

Most of us arrived on Thursday night at dinner time & met up at "The General"; the local hotel/meeting place. 

For me, I left at lunchtime Friday, on the big trip up to the high country.  Such a beautiful, warm sunny day and it was a good journey to get there.  After the long drive on the Hume Hwy & through Wangaratta (missed the by-pass!), I passed through busy Bright.  Then it was on to Harriettville with fabulous Old English Oak trees on either side of the avenue, with branches overhanging to form a shady canopy.  The climb to the top of the mountain starts here, meandering through the tall Eucalyptus trees and gradually changing to Snow Gums as I get higher.  There was a bit of rain for a short while, but soon the clouds cleared and the sun shone again.

After many stops on the way up, I finally arrived at "The General" hotel, where the others were enjoying a drink.  The hotel sits on the ridge with panoramic views as far as I can see.  Would be a fantastic sight in Winter with snow capped mountains all around.

Our accommodation is a very comfortable chalet with bunk beds & our own bathroom in each room.  There's a huge lounge area with a fully equipped kitchen and a fire place that would be the warm centre on a cold day.  From my bedroom windows I could see straight across the mountain tops and down the valley, which was scattered with summer flowers and local birds.

Mt Hotham Jan 2015
On Saturday I got talketd into riding DOWN to Harriettville, which was great, I thought, but there were some big (to me anyway) hills to climb before the decent.  Now, at the bottom, there was a choice - ride another 25kms (pretty flat) to Bright OR start THAT CLIMB ALL THE WAY BACK UP !  Yes it was a big decision, but Bright won over.  So Peter Baker & I headed off on our little jaunt to find some good coffee and a feed.  Slight problem not too far along when Baker had a flat tyre.... not to worry, didn't take long & we were on our way again.  Meanwhile back at Harriettville, Diane & Carter have began their ride up, up, up and UP!  Di was on a mission to do this BIG ride on this day, as it was her birthday!  Fabulous effort and one which was accomplished with honors. Great work to you and Carter!  I'm not normally one to walk/not do the hills, but it wasn't to be this time; I'll have it beaten next time.  Sandra & Lebecca left their bikes at home this trip, so they explored the area on foot, traversing the many tracks which weave right across the whole area up here.  Complete with home made salad rolls, snacks & cool drinks, they were gone till the late afternoon sun began to lower in the sky.  And what happened to Jenny Baker ?? Well she was emergency 'back-up' for Mr Baker!  I don't think riding back UP the mountain was EVER a consideration that went through his head, so "just in case" he wanted to get in the car/take the easy way out/be a woos, Jenny was there at Harriettville for the rescue.  By the way, good on you Pete for loosing a few kgs - that slimmer you is there somewhere I'm sure.  For dinner that night, we cooked a BBQ at the chalet, had some great wine, good company, and finished off with some birthday cake..
Mt Hotham Jan 2015
On Sunday we ended up doing different things.  I rode the 14 kms to Dinner Plain with Peter G.  Once there we planned on riding the circuit around the town, but ended up missing the turn and went much further.  Half way around we left the bikes and walked to the water falls.  This was very pretty and an easy few hundred meters each way.  It was lunchtime by the time we got back, so stopped at the Dinner Plain cafe where we had home made pie with salad and a glass of wine.  Sandra & Lebecca went for walkies, Boris did a few quick kms up & down the hills, Jenny & Peter drove to Dinner Plain & walked back the 12 kms.  Back at Hotham the focus was on the tennis, and everyone was keen to watch the match.  So off we went to the hotel for dinner and tennis.  I had a crash course on tennis and quite got into it by the end.  Don't think I've watched a match before.  We planned doing our Australia Day Trivia back at the chalet, but time got away so that will have to wait till next year!?

Monday it was time for a quick training ride for Boris, and for Peter G it was a walk to the top where the ski lift starts. After a clean up & vacuum we were all packed up & ready for the trip back home.

We saw the sun rise and set over the hills, a brown snake warming itself on the bitumen, spent time with good company, ate delicious food & tasted local wine.  Such a great weekend up in the high country.  We plan on doing it again, depends on when we can fit it into the ride list.  Hopefully we'll see a few more members on our next trip.

Maling Road Ride Jan 10th HOW IT WENT

posted Jan 15, 2015, 7:45 PM by Victoria Police Cycling Club   [ updated Jan 15, 2015, 8:00 PM ]


Well a few of us tested the 'not so good weather report' by doing a few kms riding from Blackburn to Maling Road Canterbury, on the 10th of Jan.

And it turned out to be GREAT riding weather!!  Not a drop of rain touched these fine working machines (the riders not the bikes), not a whinge to be heard from anywhere.  Just the sound of birds in the trees as we passed the beautiful tree-lined back streets of Blackburn & Canterbury.

We did QUITE A FEW KMS  - maybe even, let me think, 25kms!!!


While others were at home, we got out there for a bit of training.

After a quick walk along Maling Road, we had a chat over coffee & crepes in a cafe that was once an old theatre.  On the old walls close to the high ceiling, were some fabulous old prints of yesteryear mingled in with some newer Bicycle posters.  We sat out the front near the old verandah, and talked about everything and nothing.

Coffee at Maling Road

We discovered that there's some fantastic secondary roads that run off the main noisy main roads.  The old trees meet in the middle of the road, high above our heads, heavy from the rain overnight.  The old weatherboard houses which have mostly been renovated and given new life, sit behind picket fences and surrounded by lush gardens.

Anyway it's always good to get out for a ride.

Thanks Roger & Jim for getting my bike sorted out.  Just needed a bit of oil it seems, but didn't test those gears, managing to get out of the saddle instead.

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