Volunteer Information

Would you like to volunteer for the 25th Annual Trailblazer Race? Volunteering for the Friends of Stevens Creek Trail is a great way to help out the community, encourage responsible interaction with the environment, and protect and promote the creek trail! Volunteers also get a free shirt on the day of the race, and are eligible for prize drawings. 



    The race committee can always use more help in carrying out the various tasks involved with putting on the race, both before race day and on race day itself. If you, your organization, or your company would like to help us with the Trailblazer Race, please read the following position descriptions and fill out the form below!

Position Descriptions:

  • T-shirt Distributors hand out t-shirt to runners signing in at the registration tables. 
  • Water Distributors fill as many cups as possible with water at the zone tables. They will hand out water cups as runners pass by, and will pick up empty cups after the runners use them. 
  • Split Timers will receive stop watches before the race, and will start the timers when instructed to do so. They will also call out times as the runners cross the finish line. 
  • Flaggers will wave flags to direct the runners on the trail and will cheer on the runners as they pass by. These volunteers need to be alert and enthusiastic!
  • Pre-race promotion, set-up and tear-down.
  • Kids Helper - Supervise Kids in Races or with Activities
Date and Time:
  • Sunday 29 September 2019
  • 1065 La Avenida Ave, Mountain View, CA, 94043
  • Volunteers should be available between 7:15 AM and 11:30 AM

Volunteer TBR 2019