Volga City, Iowa, was laid out in November 1851 by W. H., Rary J., and A. L. Gould. Three individual additions were respectively made in 1857, 1867 and 1877. In 1896, Volga City was incorporated with a mayor, a clerk, and six council members. This is still the form of government in Volga today.

Volga, a part of Sperry Township, is situated in the western part of Clayton County. Early records reveal that Volga City was named after the Volga River which meanders through Volga. The Volga River, in turn, was named after the great river in Russia. Since July 1, 1883, the "City" has been dropped from the name of the town by the U.S. Postal Service.  "Volga City" is still the official name.


The population of Volga remained almost stationary throughout the 20th century. The earliest records reveal that the town's population was an estimated 500 inhabitants in both 1907 and 1916. Most of those who migrated to the area were German, Irish, and Scottish descendants.