What is the VIX fear index?

The article below is one of the best I've read about the VIX fear index. It gives everybody, especially those of us who need it <g>, a clear and concise summary of what the VIX does, when, and why. I have linked to it here without the writer's (Don Miller) permission or objection.

Here's a good video about the VIX from CNBC

Here's a good article from Forbes

And more

Good article about ETF's vs ETN's  Are JPMorgan Chase ETNs Safe?
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Eerie volatility prediction
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The Right Way to Use the VIX to Profit and Avoid Losses
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Beware ETNs: Risky ETF look-alikes
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Facebook Shows There's a Sucker Born Every Minute
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The power of using Standard Deviations (Bollinger Bands)
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Bill Luby's excellent 'Top Posts of 2012 (Through the First Half of the Year)'
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Why Is The VIX ETF Near An All-Time Low? Same Old Contango
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How to Be Sure You've Found a Higgs Boson
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How To Forecast VIX & VXX: A Sophisticated Yet Simple Process
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Breaking Down the Risks on ETNs
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Friday (July 13) Market Melt-Up: Don't Get Suckered In
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Is a Bigger Selloff in Stocks Ahead?
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SEC Bulletin: New Measures to Address Market Volatility
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So You Want To Trade Volatility: Understanding Contango
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Rarely do we recommend that you go to an off-site page. But the email I received this morning — I watched the Market Wrap Up Video three times. We promise you will not regret viewing it. He's the only guy talking like we've been thinking — As Johnny Carson once said, "Great minds (pun) run in the same sewer" :) We'd be interested in hearing your reaction to the video in Comments.

Friday Market Wrap Up 8/3/12
new Aug 3

Essential Guide To Understanding And Forecasting The VIX And VXX
new Aug 8

How Can the VIX Be 14 and Lower than VIN and VIF? by Bill Luby
new Aug 14

VIX Warning of a Top? (Good video, registration required)
new Aug 22

J-Trader's Market Analysis: Welcome XIV and VXX....
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There's the rub: VIX bets turn cash into vapor
new Sep 8

VIX ETN Hits All-Time Low, In Single Digits As Contango Deepens
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new Oct 1

Predicting the VIX Moves (very good)
new Oct 1

new Oct 9

VXX: Reverse Split by Jeff Hartzer (very good)
new Oct 9

A Timely Test Of The Ultimate Hedge Against A Market Crash
new Nov 8

Why fresh investing ideas go stale fast
Maybe we should have shut up and removed our research from the web. One reason not to, it's not an academic paper :)
There are more!

new Nov 8

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