Bizarre slingshot behavior

Bizarre behavior of VXX vs S&P 500, VXX moves opposite trend line like a slingshot
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VXX moved opposite the 2011 trend line Feb 6 - 9 and changed, like a slingshot Feb 10th.

Also, the slope of the VXX trend line Feb 3 - 14 is more than twice the 2011 trend line slope, indicating more than normal VXX volatility now  —— VXX is like an unpredictable, random, never-ending oscillation above and below the 2011 Trend Line. 

VXX values eventually revert toward the 2011 trend line in time and cross it many times. The trend line is like a magnet, pulling VXX toward it but never pushing VXX away. 

This trend-line reversion propensity is also opposite magnetic attraction in one way —— the further VXX is from the trend line, the greater the force appears to be pulling it back. 

We can't prove this assertion conclusively, but we see this rapid, reversion phenomenon often in quad charts with lots of spread, like above.