Black Bear - Bête noire and Big Bird

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Black Bear

Permit me, please, to corral Black Bears and Black Swans into different corrals —— for sharing a little bit of market levity.

First, a definition: bête noire ( plural bêtes noires )
  • French for Black Bear or Black Beast. An anathema; someone or something which is particularly disliked or avoided; an object of aversion, the bane of one’s existence.
Bêtes noires, I suggest, can cause the opposite effects of Black Swans —— Black Swans can be liked, but Black Bears are generally disliked unless outcomes of Bêtes noires are desirable, e.g. being short a stock that goes Chapter 11.

A Black Swan that causes VXX to unexpectedly increase would be desirable if you're long VXX.

Volatility Research Frog:

Black Bear saved the Fat Lady's just-born-in-my-pond baby from drowning. I just couldn't do it. He tried to lift the Fat Lady out too, but she screamed, splashed water in his face, bit his ear and tried to poke his eyes out — Very Rude. 

Big Bird then saved the Black Bear drowning in my pond. 
Big Bird is ticked, flips him a Double Bird — Very Rude.

Big Bird not only ticked off Obama, he ticked off Sweetie the Never Upset Horse so bad, Sweetie spit on his beak — and Big Bird got first-ever photo of a horse spitting for Guinness Book of World Records.

BLACK BEAR'S progeny cubs do the world's longest conga line, the love train. video

Guy on Buffalo

Guy on a Buffalo and Big Bird might be able to get the Fat Lady out of my pond if Black Bear doesn't show up. Check out this Guy on a Buffalo (minus Big Bird, he may be too big to ride a buffalo bareback) video 
4 million+ views!

Big Bird's drag'n and drink'n into Halloween

Big Bird gave the nasty old witch bad directions, a faulty GPS, 
and too much booze at Romney's family reunion

And Big Bird's got a serious eating disorder, "Birdlimia," 
but he can't stick his wing down his throat —
and he'll only take oxycodone pills, no laxatives.

Big Bird Is ticked having to carry his horse. Flips the Bird.

Big Bird is ticked having to carry his horse. 
Flips the Bird.
new Nov 1

Lead Belly the Flying Camel photo by Big Bird.  Declined landing rights at Frog's pond.  Had to land at LaGuardia instead.
Lead Belly the Flying Camel
Photo by Big Bird
Declined landing rights at Frog's pond. 
Had to land at LaGuardia instead.
Nominated by Big Bird as 
World's Best PhotoShopped photo.
new Nov 2

After Burner the Flying Camel trying to land at LaGuardia

Big Bird was in first plane, heard camel screaming, 
took photo off wing reflection
Photoshopped by Volatility Research Frog Nov 9, 2012

But, what do you get if you cross a Black Bear with a Black Swan? 
  • One bad-ass Big Bird with fat tails, fur and teeth, that will gobble the punch bowl, glass and all —— and Big Bird will piss off everyone at the party!

Big Bird flipping the bird before death
Big Bird flipping the bird before party

Big Bird dead, cross between Black Bear and Black Swan
Big Bird dead after party

Big Bird took some lead to the head for pissing off everyone at the party 
and was trucked away bleeding as dead. 
But Big Bird got the last laugh — Any idea how?
HINT He called Romney
Big Bird dead in truck

Last 3 photos were on TV, not Sesame Street :)