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Volatility Research Frog
We're all in cahoots — Me, Big Bird, Black Swan, Black Bear, the Butterfly in Brazil, and public enemy
#1, VIX volatility self-mutating virus — because we all drink and poop in my pond and call ourselves the Gang of 6. 

Drunken Gorilla forced his way into our Gang.
So, we're now the Gang of 7.

"The decadence of wealth is only overshadowed by the stupidity of those flaunting it." 
(Volatility Research Frog, 2012)

As for VR coming up with an investment strategy using our research, "I can't swim through a minefield if I don't know where the mines are."
 (Volatility Research Frog, 2012) 

"Don't 'buck' the trend or try to predict a trend that isn't."
(Volatility Research Frog, 2012)   new Apr 5

The Easter Bunny brought Big Bird an Easter Bonnet made of bird feed and fishing worms, and the Tooth Fairy brought a box of fowl diapers to keep the next punch bowl from getting fowled.  
new Apr 8 

nominated the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy to join the Gang of 7, but they were black-balled by the other 6 because, "They're too nice."   new Apr 9

I've invited the Mugwump into our Gang of 7, but fitting his name, he doesn't know which way to go.  
new Apr 9   

"This Crash ain't over till the fat lady sings, and she can't sing 'cause we're skinny dipp'n. She's lota woman, monster honkers, floats like me."   
(Volatility Research Frog, 2012)   new Apr 10

"Volatility Research — The 'Come To Guys' will tell you how VXX will close tomorrow." 
(Volatility Research Frog, 2012)   new Apr 11  

Puzzle #1  Brothers and sisters have I none, but that man's father is my father's son. Who is that man?  
First person right will be invited to come skinny dipp'n with me and the fat lady. Attendance optional.  
new Apr 11  

Chimay in Comments is the WINNER. He's so excited — Already got a sneak peak of the fat ladySecond place gets to see 'em all skinny dipp'n (or not see 'em 'cause Chimay won the Olympic Breast Stroke.) Chimay likes ample women :)  new Apr 11

Puzzle #2  Three large people try to crowd under one small umbrella, but nobody gets wet. How is this possible? 

First person right will be invited to come skinny dipp'n with me, the fat lady, and Chimay in 
Comments and Puzzle #1 Attendance optional.  new Apr 12 

jw cool g in Comments is today's WINNER. He's invited to come (or not come) skinny dipp'n with me, the Fat lady and Chimay.

Volatility Research Frog
Our Frog is the only non-human to ever be nominated by a major newspaper for a Pulitzer Prize, "Non-Human Species Writings."

His nomination was sand-bagged, however, by Big Bird because of"Cross species animosity and jealousy."

We have received a request from another major newspaper to syndicate Frogs Views of the Day. Their request has been rejected by the Frog because his "Views are just too personal and controversial."

We have also received a request from a major movie studio to make a movie of Frogs Views of the Day starring Frog himself. Frog is undecided about being a movie star. Says he "Just may prefer his pond with the Fat Lady."

Thousands of people have visited our site just for Frogs Views of the Day

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I proposed to the Fat Lady because she has lots of places for me to hide. She rejected me because, "I'm too slimy."  Heck, I could just slip into a fold and she'd never know it. new Apr 16 

Tragedy Skinny Dippin  Big Bird crashed my party. Goosed Fat Lady on diving board with foot-long beak. She screamed, fell into pond, humongous ripples (hers and ponds). Big Bird stole her clothes. Crash can't end because she won't get out of pond to sing unless I make her a dress of lily pads. Not enough in pond. She's not Eve. Crash ain't over 'till Fat Lady sings.  new Apr 18 

We men want what we can't get 
and when we get it we don't want it
(Volatility Research Frog, 2012)
new Apr 21 

Big Bird disguised as Honey Bear
Big Bird disguised as 
Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger 

Chimay in  Comments*  nominated the Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger for our Gang! This video, seen by 43 million viewers (really), was made by Big Bird to support Chimay's Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger'snomination. I'm concerned Big Bird may be a bisexual cross-dresser.   new Apr 27 

Guy on Buffalo
Guy on a Buffalo  Jeff nominated the Guy on a Buffalo in Comments*. I'll vote for him, and the Buffalo too, if he'll just ride the Fat Lady out of my cesspool pond of Fat Lady droppings. Check out this Guy on a Buffalo video Jeff submitted too — 
3 million+ views!
new Apr 27  

frog sitting on the dock of the bay

The Fat Lady wore me JUST PLAIN OUT.
I had one helluva sheet-ripp'n  
lily pad  wilt'n night :)
See me trying to recover video
new Apr 29 

Mona Lisa with pimple on nose
Hell doth know'th not, the fury of a beautiful woman, my wife, my Lord's crumpet, who doth get'th upon the pinnacle of her nose, a protruding, humongous pimple.  
(Shakespeare's Frog, My brother from another mother, Volatility Research Frog 2012)
new May 2

Couch Potato the Wild Goose
Couch Potato the Wild Goose  blackballed — spends too much time chasing Mother Goose, who says he got VD on a flight from home and won't use Viagra. Mating with Mother Goose Video1 Video2 (Notice how he throttles, squelches her squeals and honks of pleasure  —  How not to disturb neighbors getting lucky :) 
new May 3

Thug the Guard Dog blackballed — "He just don't care."

Thug the Guard Dog blackballed — "He just don't care."  Video   Article
new May 3

The Black Bear saved the Fat Lady's just-born-in-my-pond baby from drowning. I just couldn't do it. He tried to lift the Fat Lady out too, but she screamed, splashed water in his face, bit his ear and tried to poke his eyes out — Very Rude.

The Black Bear saved the Fat Lady's just-born-in-my-pond baby from drowning. I just couldn't do it. Black Bear tried to lift the Fat Lady out too, but she screamed, splashed water in his face, bit his ear and tried to poke his eyes out — Very Rude.   
new May 6

Big Bird then saved the Black Bear drowning in my pond. Big Birdis ticked, flips him a Double Bird — Very Rude. 
new May 6 

Been at the hospital trying to calm Big Bird down, committed for exhaustion — Had to be straight-jacketed and was arrested for being, "too sexually cozy" with a scrub nurse. Had her winged under the covers and was beaking her big toe when I got there. Also goosed head nurse, passed gas in Doctor's face checking hemorrhoids, rolled bed like bowling ball down hall, took out nurse station, tackled security guard, stole and swallowed bottle of oxycodone from pharmacy, chewed his way out of straight jacket, commandeered elevator only for, "pretty nurses," he'll only talk to,"TV cameras and pretty nurses," vomited in intern's face checking throat, called him fake doctor, told him to go back to his tent in India, and take the ugly, fat nurses with him — Big Bird may have cracked. new May 11

Since Big Bird saved Black Bear's life, Black Bear sneaked into the hospital and rescued Big Bird from the Cuckoos Nest. Security Guards thought it was a planned show for the patients — ignored. We may be in trouble this weekend — they're both looking for our party to crash. Big Bird thinks I was the one committing him andBlack Bear thinks I was the one telling Big Bird not to rescue him. Geez, I'm scared they're out to get me too. Heck, I'll just go and hide in one of the Fat Lady's voluptuous folds.  new May 12

congo bears 200w

THE BLACK BEAR'S progeny cubs do the world's longest conga line, the love trainvideo
new May 26  

PERFUME THE BABY MONKEY itches his butt and takes a whiff. 
Smells so bad he falls out of tree. new May 27  
FIREWORKS FIDO goes ballisticnew May 27 

oh long johnson cat talking

TALKING CAT says, "Oh Long Johnson."
Blackballed by Big Bird"Too loud Big Mouth and my dad was O. Long Johnson Bird." 
new May 29 

girls should stay home 100w

Frog says, 

"Girls — even the Fat Lady — should stay home."

Video 44 million views   new May 31

Frog says, "When you gotta go, 
you gotta go."  new June 2

Orville the dea cat turned in to helicopter

Big Bird helped turn Orville the Dead Catinto a helicopter. Video  new June 5

Geyser the Endless Peeing Dog

Geyser the Endless Peeing Dog 
has won every contest  Video 
new June 15 

Crazy Ass Mother Goose viciously attacks innocent man with light saber, blackballed by Big Bird because, "She wields a mean wand." 
new June 24 

Buxie the Buxom Bandit 
blackballed by Big Bird, "She's just too top heavy. "Video new July 4

Buxie  bucks  the Lam  New July 11

Bootzy the world's only Booty Shaking Bronco, blackballed for"flaunting privates in public." Video
new July 13

Maria Callas the Opera Singing Cat 
also cries like a baby. 
Blackballed,"She cries too much,"
Video 2 million views Obituary
new July 16

Pavarotti the Opera Singing Wolf sings "Libiamo Ne' Lieti Calici, Brindisi (The Drinking Song) from Verdi's La Traviata" to stop baby crying  Video     
Pavarotti Singing and again with Cynthia Lawrence new July 16

Plácido Domingo the Opera Singing Dog
 sings "Libiamo ne 'lieti calici, Brindisi (The Drinking Song) from Verdi's La Traviata "and Also plays piano. Video  Plácido Domingo Singing The Three Tenors Singing 
The Three Tenors is a name Given to the Spanish singers  Plácido Domingo and José Carreras and the Italian singer  Luciano Pavarotti who sang in concert under this banner During the 1990s and  early 2000s.  new July 21

Road Rage Bimbo Nancy fails Car and Driver Road Rage Rehab. Blackballed by Big Bird, "She's just too sweet and too soft spoken."

Road Rage Bimbo Nancy fails Car and Driver Road Rage Rehab. Blackballed by Big Bird, "She's just too sweet and too soft spoken."  new July 24

Worst Road Rage Revenge Ever 
new Aug 2

Hangover the Kitty gives advice
new July 28

Arthritic dog goes for a swim

Arthritic dog goes for a swim
new Aug 9
Update new Sep 28

Houdini the Fearful Cat escapes on surfboard. Video
Houdini the Fearful Cat escapes on surfboard. Blackballed, cat's "Not cunning enough" and dog for 
"Chasing a little pussy."  Video  
new Aug 11 

Cockpit crash video. Caution gruesome Video

Cockpit Crash Video  Article
Caution gruesome Video 
new Aug 11

Squatter the Homeless Dog rudely marks his territory. Video

Squatter the Homeless Dog rudely marks his new territory. Blackballed, "He's just too rudely polite."  Video
new Aug 14

Cocky the World's  Largest Cock Rooster blackballed, "He's just too cocky."

Cocky the World's  Largest Pet Cock Rooster blackballed, "He's just not cocky enough." 
new Aug 15

Listen to Pavarotti's Opera Singing White Haired Gibbon Ape singing a Verdi Chorus accompanied by rhythm of slamming door to audition for the Metropolitan Opera
Listen to Pavarotti's Opera Singing White Haired Gibbon Ape singing a Verdi Chorus accompanied by rhythm of slamming door to audition for theMetropolitan Opera new Aug 23

Butterfly in Brazil attacks Bully the World's Meanest Bulldog Puppy 
and wins. Bully blackballed by Black Bear, "He's just too cross-species vicious."
Video  new Sep 4

 Frog says, "Best ad ever." Volvo Trucks - The Ballerina Stunt

Frog says, "Best ad ever. I can do that."  
Volvo Trucks - The Ballerina Stunt
new Sep 5

Huge Fish Attacks Men In Boat Video
new Sep 16

Dog and Parrot Making Out, Both blackballed by Big Bird, "They just ain't right, petomy's a crime" Video 
new Sep 16

Porky Pig rescues Goofy the Goat drowning Video

Porky the Olympic Swimming Hero Pigrescues Goofy the Drowning Goat Video
new Sep 21

Ditsy Dodo the Intellectually Challenged Blond blackballed, "She just don't care to think right." Video
new Sep 22

Might be Ditsy Dodo the Intellectually Challenged Blond's Sister blackballed too, "She just can't think right." Video
new Sep 24

SoftFoot the Soccer Playing Dog takes owner OUT with a nutshot  Video

SoftFoot the Soccer Playing Dog takes owner OUT with a nut shot  Video
new Sep 19

Nutter the Nasty Goat gives nice man nutshot

Nutter the Nasty Goat gives nice man a nut shot too Video
new Sep 29

Live suicide on TV Video

Live suicide on FOX TV 
new Sep 30

Lone Ranger gets DUI on Horseback, eludes police chase

Lone Ranger gets DUI on Horseback, gallops away from police chase. Silver blackballed, "He's just too domitable."
new Sep 30

Opera Singing Chorus of Misifits, including One Ear the Cat, One Eye the Cat and Toothy the Chipmunk singing  "Libiamo Ne' Lieti Calici, Brindisi (The Drinking Song) from Verdi's La Traviata"  Pavarotti Singing and again with Cynthia Lawrence

Opera Singing Chorus of Misfits

- One Ear the Cat, 
- One Eye the Cat, 
- Hairy the Old Monkey and 
- Toothless the Beaver 

singing "Libiamo Ne' Lieti Calici, Brindisi (The Drinking Song) from Verdi's La Traviata" 

Pavarotti Singing and again with Cynthia Lawrence 

Plácido Domingo sings "Libiamo Ne' Lieti Calici, Brindisi (The Drinking Song) from Verdi's La Traviata"  Video 
Plácido Domingo Singing

The Three Tenors is a name given to the Spanish singers Plácido Domingoand José Carreras and the Italian singer Luciano Pavarotti who sang in concert under this banner during the 1990s and early 2000s.
new Oct 2

HOCKER the DRY MOUTHED LLAMA fires a big wet one on a nice lady. Blackballed by Big Bird, "He's just too polite."

HOCKER the DRY MOUTHED LLAMAfires a big wet one on a nice lady.Blackballed by Big Bird"He's just too polite." Video   new July 15

Bullseye the Hocker Shooting Llama lands a big wet one on a nice lady, blackballed, "He's just too aimless."

Bullseye the Hocker Shooting Llamalands a big wet one on a nice lady, blackballed, "He's just too aimless."

new Oct 3

Llamas  really do spit
new Oct 3

Big Bird not only ticked off Obama, he ticked off Sweetie the Never Upset Horse so bad, Sweetie spit at him — and Big Bird got first-ever photo of a horse spitting for Guinness Book of World Records.

Big Bird not only ticked off Obama, he ticked off Sweetie the Never Upset Horse so bad, Sweetie spit on his beak — and Big Bird got first-ever photo of a horse spitting for Guinness Book of World Oct 8

Who says women cannot float above corn fields?

Who says women can't float above
corn fields?
new Oct 11

Ihate Bur Rokoli the 7-week old Pomeranian attacks broccoli and looses

iHate Bur Rokoli the 7-week-old Pomeranian attacks broccoli and loosesVideo
new Oct 11

Hotsie the Bride forgot to wear panties
new Oct 11

Ballzie the Bald Eagle tries to make Bad Ass Old Mother Goose join Mile High Club. Blackballed because "birdomy is fowl crime."
Ballzie the Bald Eagle tries to make Bad Ass Old Mother Goose join the Mile High Club. Blackballed by Big Bird because"Birdomy is fowl crime."
Frog's wisdom, "Air bags and bagged in the air just ain't the same."
new Oct 11 

Big Bird gave the nasty witch bad directions, a faulty GPS, and too much booze at Romney's family reunion

Big Bird gave the nasty old witch bad directions, a faulty GPS, and too much booze at Romney's family reunion
new Oct 14 

Tear jerker rescue of baby elephant stuck in hole video

Tear jerker rescue of baby elephant stuck in hole video
new Oct 19  

Ice Dude fails to 'break the ice' jumping into into frozen pool 6 million views video

Ice Dude fails to 'break the ice' jumping into frozen pool 
10 million views video
new Oct 19 

Top 5 Ice Pool Falls video

Top 5 Ice Crashes video
new Oct 22 


lost good friend

Sad, he lost a friend in a hay baler
new Oct 22 

Guy survives being hit by car 35+ mph video
Guy survives being hit by car speeding 40+ mph, bounces off windshield, lands on feet  video

Big Bird says, "I survived worse, 
I took lead to the head."
new Oct 23  

MEMBERSHIP  Frog asked us to let you know that the Gang of 7 is accepting nominations for membership. Fire away! Fantastic Prize — Invitation to help Frog lift the Fat Lady from the pond. May need a Sky Hook and a winch for the wench. 

(JIC you don't know, a Sky Hook is a magical device that he, the man, prays for AFTER, that will lift him, the man, from the bed AFTER and not wake her, the woman, AFTER, so he can go work on the door :) 

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