We are seeing
an unnerving mathematical pattern
so alarming we're afraid 
to make it public now
but we may have to soon.

We stumbled onto this pattern by removing data noise embedded in a large amount of data, then processing the noise-free data with our proprietary mathematical pattern recognition software.

This unnerving mathematical pattern can be easily misinterpreted — and could have a destabilizing effect on the stock market if it is made public.

To prevent this possible stock market destabilization, we are considering making our findings available on a non-disclosure basis — but our Policy prevents us from asking for or receiving viewers' names, email addresses and other personal information for non-disclosure agreements.

So, if we decide to release our findings, we will do so only on this page as low-key as possible and not for long — and only if we believe our viewers will be harmed without our findings.

We have declined a request from a major publication to be the first to break the news of our unnerving mathematical pattern in a feature story about our 'amazing climb' to Google® Search Top 10 in just 6 months. (How We Got In Top 10 Google® Search

We had to decline their financial incentives too — one ad, $20 per click, 25-50 clicks per day their est., $100 bonus each subscriber.

Aug 1, 2012

This page is ranked #1 of 9 million pages on Google® Search searching seeing an unnerving mathematical pattern* followed by one other of our pages ranked #4. This is just six days since this page was first up, July 26th.

This page is ranked #1 of 9 million pages on Google® Search searching seeing an unnerving mathematical pattern* followed by one other of our pages ranked #4. This is just five days since this page was first up, July 26th.