TIP2 Has VXX VIX Volatility Finally Turned UP?

Nov 10, 2012, 6 PM EST


10 Run Weighted Moving Average 
10wRMA (red) crossed zero 
on Tue Nov 6 (X-axis=23)
predicting that VXX (green) 
may have finally turned UP
and that VIX Volatility 
will increase too

Chart 1-1109

First time 10wRMA crossed zero from negative in 109 days.

We did not post this Tip here on Tue Nov 6 until today
to be sure 10wRMA crossing zero Nov 6 was not a 'rogue prediction'.

VXX is drafting UP only slightly more than it's dragging DOWN — not strong.

Chart 8-1115
Reasons Why VXX VIX 
Volatility Crash 
May Have Hit Bottom and Turned UP

Nov 14, 2012  Reasons Why VXX VIX Volatility Crash May Have Hit Bottom and Turned UP