So God Made a Farmer — BIG BIRD (Volatility Research)

Mar 15 , 2013

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So God Made a Farmer — BIG BIRD (Volatility Research) 1000w

BIG BIRD using Tiny the Giant Cock Rooster to pull plow (Volatility Research) 

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Photoshopped by 
Volatility Research Frog 
Mar 14, 2013

Photos in video

01 So God Made a Farmer — BIG BIRD
02 Big Bird Ticked Having To Carry Own Horse Flips Bird
03 Merry Christmas to everyone from Volatility Research and Big Bird 
04 Big Bird Riding 49 Geese To Slaughter
05 Big Bird Walking His Turkey
06 Big Bird Hauling Hay
07 Big Bird Angry Tackles Horse To Ground Called Him Fake Bird 
08 Big Bird Forced To Pull Cart 
09 Big Bird Helping Lift Pakistan Grain Truck
10 Big Bird Walking Dog Flying With Cluster Balloons 
11 Big Bird Picking Flowers at Sunrise 
12 Big Bird Living Very Dangerously
13 Big Bird Hauling Furniture
14 Big Bird Rescues Drowning Black Bear Ticked Flips Double Bird
15 Big Bird In Snow
16 Big Bird Watching Mexican Military Burning Pot
17 Big Bird visiting Obama.jpg
18 Big Bird Surveying His Farm Sitting In Tree
19 Big Bird Digging Out His Couch From Hurricane Sandy
20 Big Bird Out On a Limb 
21 Big Bird Rear Ended Driving Firey Indianapolis 500 Crash
22 Big Bird Surveying His Spread On Top His Hill
23 Romneys Walking On Beach With Big Bird 
24 Big Bird Flocking President of BADD Birds Against Drunk Driving Surveys Alcohol Involved Tractor Wreck
25 Big Bird Gets Impaled On Burning Church Steeple Flying To Church 
26 Big Bird Is Dead Impaled Anally On 4000 Year Old Living Tree Methuselah
27 Big Bird Shot In Snow Took Lead To The Head
28 BIG BIRD Flocking President of BADD Birds Against Drunk Driving Surveys Another Alcohol Involved Tractor Wreck
29 Big Bird Sobbing His Favorite Tractor Got a Flat Tire
30 Big Bird Superbowl 2014 Sneak Preview Ad Budweiser Beer Chicken So God Made a Farmer