Secret Emergency Meeting

I was invited and attended a secret emergency meeting in New York, so secret I am not not permitted to tell you who was there or what was discussed. All very high level politicians and CEO's, all Brooks Brothers dark pinstripe suits, blue ties, and Gucci tassel loafers, except me in my Bates tactical boots, cargo pants, Rolling Stones tee shirt, and a frayed, 7-year old NY Yankees cap* needing more than a wash.

So, I asked the organizer, why me? His answer, "I was invited because I'm the only one thinking differently about market volatility."

FWIW from the meeting:
  • Assume we're in a lull before the Perfect Storm
  • VIX could hit 100 (Its 21.21 now, May 15, 11 AM EDST) 
  • Greece will leave the Eurozone
  • The VXX Crash is not over yet
  • Fasten your seat belts; it's going to be a bumpy ride
  • Listen to the Frog when he croaks :)
I wish I could tell you more.

June 7 Word is out about the secret emergency meeting because of all the famous (but one :) people there. Since this page is the only meeting write up, today its #3 of 3 million on Google® Search  Secret Emergency Meeting. 

I ticked off a writer from Forbes asking me who I am and who was there — I told him I was, "Frog's brother from another mother." He hung up on me.

June 21
 And the Secret Emergency Meeting just got to #1 of 100+ million pages today 
on Google® Search searching secret emergency

June 21 And secret emergency meeting got to #1 of 190 million today on Google® Search  searching secret emergency

* Frayed, 7-year old NY Yankees cap needing more than a wash
rayed, 7-year old NY Yankees cap needing more than a wash

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