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Smoking is a very unhealthy habit, especially when you want to use your vocal cords for singing.
The constant irritation by the smoke causes severe swelling, called Reinke's Edema of Smokers Polyps.
A smokers voice will loose it's flexibility, will not be able to use thin vocal folds and will loose the higher regions.

Smoking is not only bad for your vocal cords. It is also damaging to your lungs, heart and many other organs and processes in your body.

The effects of smoking

When smokers decide to quit smoking they may feel like their voice is deteriorating in the first few weeks after quitting smoking.
This is because the smoke used to dehydrate the tissues in your throat. Your body has learned to adjust to the dehydrating situation by producing more mucous.

Reinke's edema/smokers polyps

There are many ways to quit smoking.
If you want to quit smoking, see a doctor to help you find the right method for you.

After quitting smoking the body needs some time to adjust to the new situation. It will produce too much mucous for a period of time, causing the effect of a deteriorating voice.
After a couple of weeks the body will be adjusted and the sound of your voice will improve!