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The benefits of yawning

Studying what happens when you yawn can have positive effects on your singing.
Yawning relaxes the throat and it gives your abdominal muscles a great workout!
There are some downsides about yawning when it comes to singing as well. This article will tell you about the pros and cons of yawning.

When you want to use yawning in your singing, you must first experience what is happening during yawning. 

A good yawn has two phases when it comes to breathing.

The first phase is when you breath in. Your belly moves outwards, your ribcage widens.
This is an exellent starting point for singing!

The second phase is breathing out. It all happens naturally. 
Just before breathing out you can feel your abdominal muscles becoming active.
When the actual breathing out starts you will feel your belly moving inwards.

For singing, the activity of the abdominal muscles are important!
So start singing while you imagine you are yawning.
Your breath support will improve instantly!

Keep in mind that you do not push your belly outwards during singing. Although there is a constant feeling of tention, the movement needs to be inwards.

When you are having problems relaxing your throat, especially when you sing higher notes, you can use the feeling of yawning to relax your jaw and throat.

There is one problem with yawning though. When you yawn you will feel your tongue moving backwards. This is not a good thing.
Read position of the tongue to learn more about this.

So when you decide to you use yawning in your singing, make sure the tip of your tongue will have contact with the lower teeth.