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1 minute test

In order to sing long lines you need to be able to have full control over your breathing.
This great exercise is has been used since the 18th century. It will help you to tackle the long lines!
Exhail while making a "ffff"- or 'ssss'-sound with your lips. Make sure the sound is almost not audible. Use a stopwatch to check how long you can exhail on one breath. The goal is to reach 1 minute!
At first it will be difficult. You will feel your body wants oxygen. When you practise your body will get used to the longer time between you breathing.
You will also feel that your posture will change; your chest will be wider, your abdominal muscles will become a little active and you will feel your abdomen move inwarts while doing this exercise.
When you are able to breath out for about 50 seconds, you can try the next level:
Sing a melody without words (only vowels) and try to reach 20 seconds without breathing. If you feel your breath support slips away, then first try to sing the melody on the "ng", "mmm" of "nnn"sound.
Then sing the same melody and add words. Try to reach the 20 seconds again.