Gareth Malone's vocal technique tips

In his series The Choir Gareth Malone teaches the choral singers a lot about vocal technique. In this first exerpt of The Choir - Sing while you work Gareth shows the difference between smiling and not smiling while you sing.


What happpens when you smile?
First of all, your body will feel more alive. This will increase your breath support and with that you will be able to relax your throat more easily.

Another benefit from smiling is the open throat. This helps you to produce a better sound.

Your soft palate will rise a little when you smile so you will be able to produce more resonance. 

Another huge benefit of smiling is the reaction of the audience to smiling. 
Scientific research shows that when you smile your audience will experience your performance in a different way then when you do not smile. 
The audience will experience your performance as more interesting.

So SMILE whenever you can!