Jack Vidgen

The Voice of Jack Vidgen is extraordinary. When he won Australia's got Talent he was only 14 years old. In the final he had the nerves to sing a song he had written himself. He turned out to be a gifted song writer as well.

So Jack Vidgen seems to be a child prodigy. He can both write and sing songs like an adult.
Is his vocal technique perfect? No, he has a wobbly jaw now and then and pushes the sound - due to a lack of support/flow of the breath - and there is some constriction in the throat. It also seems like his larynx is not always in the neutral position it should be, but who cares!
In this video he is only 14 years old and when he works on his vocal technique this kid can become an amazing singer!
Jack has recorded two albums; Inspire and Yes I Am. 
So feel free to purchase one of these albums if the video below blows you away...Enjoy!