Trevin Hunte

Trevin Hunte is a very interesting contestant in The Voice of America.
He has a beautiful voice but there are some technical flaws which makes it hard for him to keep his voice singing.

His blind audition went very well because the song "Listen" enables him to use his voice in a way that suits him best:

slightly tilted larynx, lyrics with easy vowels when you sing with a neutral larynx position ('i' in 'listen' puts your tongue forward, in this position the larynx is free) and the many high notes force him to use proper breath support.

Trevin Hunte

In the next video, Trevin sings How am I supposed to live without you. Again a song with a cry, so it suits him well. 
But it is not sung as well as his blind audition because his breath support has not been properly trained.
In the first sentences he chooses to use is voice in a way that a lot of air comes with the voice. The larynx position is a little low. 
Because of that he is not able to turn on the breath support that is needed.
Too little breath support results in too much air flowing from the lungs upwards. Two things can happen; the vocal folds will not close and the voice sounds breathy or the vocal folds become thicker in order to produce a clear sound. 

Trevin Hunte

The third video where Trevin sings Scream there is nothing to hold on to for his voice. The energy of the songs doesn't invite his body to find the 'crying voice'. 
Second, the song starts pretty low, his weak spot; too little breath support and low position of the larynx. 

Trevin Hunte - Scream

Trevin is a good singer with a beautiful voice. 
If he invests in inproving his technical skills he will become a great singer!
What he needs to do is to improve his Breath support, to learn about Larynx position and a tilted larynx.

Watch the video of his blind audition and hear how he uses a little 'cry' in the voice to place his larynx in a slightly tilted position. This tilt enables him to sing with a lot of freedom and flexibility. 

The thicker the vocal folds, the harder it becomes to sing higher notes if you do not know how to regulate the air pressure under your vocal folds.
You can hear it happening in this song. The first note of a line Trevin sings a little off pitch, too low. 
The lines that are lower become a little wobbly but the higher his sings the better it becomes. 

His voice becomes too thick, there is not enough breath support and energy to support the tone and because of that tension creeps into his throat, tongue and lower jaw. 
Had he understood his vocal technique and what is necessary to sing a song like this, he would have nailed it, without any doubt!