Analysis of The Voice of...

The Voice of Holland, America, Germany, South Korea, China...all over the world millions of people are watching The Voice and other talent shows.
In this series of articles I'll try to make an analysis of some of the contestants. 
The eventual question is: Will the singer with the best vocal technique win the contest?
Although a perfect vocal technique does not guarantee a perfect performance, the way you use your voice does determine how you can express yourself through singing.
In this series we'll explore the connection between vocal technique and winning a vocal contest!

Amira Willighagen is 9 years old and a contestant in Holland's Got Talent.
This little girl manages to sing  Puccini's O mio bambino Caro, one of the most famous opera arias for soprano voice.

It is extraordinary that a young child like Amira produces the right sound to sing this aria.
Although it may sound beautiful there is some concern when it comes to the girl's vocal health.

Amira almost sounds like an adult opera singer. 
When you listen carefully you will hear that she isn't able yet to produce the amount of breath support that is needed to support this aria.
That is completely normal because singing opera requires a lot of stamina, muscle strength. Young children will not have that strength yet.

Not being able to produce the proper amount of breath support will cause her voice to become a little unstable. 


Unfortunately children's voices are not suitable for singing heavy opera arias, belting songs, musical theatre songs, etc. in an adult way.
The vocal tract of a young child is much smaller than in an adult, of course.  
The size and shape of the vocal tract determines how the voice sounds. The larger the vocal tract, the fuller the voice will sound. 

Watch other Voices:

When a child sounds like an adult it means the child is doing something to alter the shape of the throat. In most cases the larynx will be in a low position to produce a matured sound.
Low larynx position requires perfect controll over breath support, though. Without breath support the larynx will suffer from too much pressure. 
To help the larynx to stay in the low position (too low...) the child will pull back the tongue to push the larynx down.

Overstretching of the vocal muscles is another danger for young children singing songs that are too heavy for them.

Voice teacher David L. Jones wrote a great article about young children's voices and how many child prodigies that sound like adults will loose there ability to sing.

If a child doesn't sound like a child, this child's voice might be heading for disaster.

Amira sounds beautiful, she is a great talent. 
She needs a good voice teacher to determine whether she sings in a healthy way or not and help her to develop her voice.

Good luck, Amira!