The sum of vocal techniques

Singers who master the 'sum of vocal techniques' will have great freedom in singing. 
Some take it even a step further and are able to play with the sound so much that they can imitate other singers.
Take a look at this excerpt from the Ellen DeGeneres Show with Christina Bianco.
Christina shows you many different vocal techniques when she imitates Christian Aguilera, Cher, Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, and many more! She even knows how to sing opera!

There are two great videos on Youtube that show you the results of combining the most important vocal techniques: 
a free voice with a lot of 'ring' (resonance).

The videos start with breath support, and then add the open throat, the position of the larynx, a relaxed jaw, position of the tongue and the soft palate.


The result of these combined techniques is a beautiful tone and freedom. Both the great classical and pop singers use these techniques.
The training of classical singers is based on this sum of vocal techniques. The goal of their training is to master their instrument to the fullest.
Training the classical voice started hundreds of years ago.
A tradition has been built to teach singers how to use their voice in the best way possible.
Sadly enough many pop singers do not even care about training their voices.
People like Barbara Streisand, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Beyonce and others developed their vocal technique. That is why their voices sound so good!


Click below to watch the videos on Youtube:

Once you can combine these techniques, you will experience a complete freedom in your voice. You can sing every song you like (of course there are limits to your vocal range) and change volume and colour whenever you want.
Unless you are exceptionally talented, most singers need years of training before they reach this ultimate vocal ability.
The body needs a lot of training to find this ultimate balance. Top athletes need a lot of training as well before they reach their highest potential.
With vocal technique it is the same. And you need the right trainer!
Find a teacher and start the journey!