Vocal warming up for choirs

The vocal warming up of a choir can have several purposes.
On the one hand the conductor wants to prepare the voices for singing, but on the other hand he/she wants to use a warming up to improve the overall sound of a choir and have the voices blend more.


There are many ways to prepare the choral singer's voice for singing. 
Many exercises on this website are very suitable for warming ups, such as liptrill1 minute testRelaxed jawposition of the tongueThe classical sound, and many more.
The Video tutorials by the BBC are very helpfull as well.

The conductor's desire to improve the overall sound of the choir often creates vocal problems.
Altering the sound of your voice (even a little bit) requires understanding of healthy vocal technique.
Changing your sound, in many cases your vowels, will impact the totality of your vocal technique.

In this video, the Indianapolis Children's Choir shows you some very effective exercises you can do in a choral warming up. 

Indianapolis Children's Choir


Read the article about Mouth shape and position of the tongue because many (amateur) singers tend to alter their vowels by pulling back the tongue or widening the mouth too much. Both 'techniques' frustrate the voice, so beware!
Altering the vowels always need to happen between the boundaries of a healthy vocal technique.

Especially conductors and singers of amateur choirs need to be aware that blending the voices can ONLY happen in a healthy and constructive way if both conductor and singers KNOW what they are doing!

Sometimes too much twang ruins the sound of a choir. The article Twang, pros and cons tells you about it and offers some exercises to solve the problem.