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Low, neutral and high larynx positions, constricted and open throats, twang, nasality, tilted larynx, resonance, you can here it all when  
Christina Bianco shows different vocal recipes on the Ellen DeGeneres Show by imitating Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, Cher, Barbra Streisand, Liza Minelli, Julie Andrews, Celine Dion, and others!

New on the website: 18 videos about vocal technique!

Trained as a classical pianist, Billy Joel used elements from classical music to write his songs.
This very interesting video shows you a 90 minutes interview with Billy. 
He talks about how he writes songs, his favourite keys and the fact that he doesn't concider himself to be a singer.
He also plays some of his songs.

Click HERE to watch the interview!

Singing teacher Alexander Massey made 18 videos to help you understand and train your vocal technique.
The videos are interesting for both classical and pop singers.

Click HERE to watch the videos.

Vocal Technique Tips is evolving!

Vocal Technique Tips now has it's own domain name.
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The perfect place to learn about your singing voice

People from 95 countries have already visited the VTT website!

People from 76 countries have already visited this website but we would love to expand.

It would be great if more singers would use the information on this website to improve their voices, increase their understanding of this amazing instrument and start to use it in the healthiest and best way possible.
In order to achieve this goal the website is having a makeover.
The information on the site will be better accessable and there will be a new layout design.
With the new design, we hope we can be of better service to you and offer you the perfect place to increase your knowledge about the singing voice!

Your vocal range

Every singer has it's own unique sound. The length of your vocal cords determine whether you have a high or a low voice.

But there is much more that determines whether you are a soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto, tenor, baritone or bass.e.
This latest article tells you about it.

Abdominal breathing
It is commonly known that you should use abdomenal breathing while singing, but why is that? The latest article on the website reveals why abdominal breathing works best!

Detailed information will follow soon but you can already sign up for online voice lessons. 
If you want to learn more right now, send an email to hennydesnoo@gmail.com.

In 2011 14-year old Jack Vidgen was the winner of Australia's got Talent
It turned out his talent for writing songs matches his great vocal talent! Watch the video and enjoy!

Are you singing with thick or thin vocal cords? 
This is an important question if you want to sing with a healthy technique.
Read the article and expand your vocal range!

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir 4.0 "Bliss"

Click HERE to learn about VC 4.0, how to participate, how to help your voice sing the song, etc.

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Beyoncé's 'bad voice day'

Beyoncé is concidered to be one of the great pop singers. 
Even when she is having a 'bad voice day' she manages to deliver a great performance. 

Analysis of The Voice of...Trevin Hunte
In this new series we will analyse the vocal technique of the contestants of The Voice of Holland, America, Germany, South Korea, etc.

Which vocal 'recipe' do they use and what happens when they sing not so well?
This week we start with Voice of America's Trevin Hunte.

Virtual Piano
You need a piano/keyboard but you don't have one? 

Your vocal range - soprano types

There are many different soprano types, such as dramatic sopranos, spintos, lyrical sopranos. 
They a 
ll sound a little different and have different qualities. 
The videos in this article feature both classical singers (su 
ch as Birgit Nilsson, Leontyne Price, Renée Fleming, Sumi Yo, Kathleen Battle) and pop singers ( Patti LaBelle, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Minnie Ripperton, Mariah Carey). 

Award winning BBC tv series The Choir - Military Wives.

In this series, choral conductor Gareth Malone forms a choir of military women while their husbands are in Afghanistan. The women perform at Sandhurst and even in the Royal Albert Hall!
The series are inspiring and show the positive power of singing in a choir. Gareth Malone - The Choir


Dutch version of Vocal Technique Tips! 
Some of the articles on this website have been translated to Dutch. Eventually all articles will be translated.
So if you prefer Dutch instead of English, take a look at the new website!