Although Economics is a very interesting topic (and is even joyful), life is full of cool stuff that are not related to consumers, firms, theorems and asymptotic distributions. So, what are the goods that maximize my utility?
  • Every frame a painting: A very didactic YouTube Channel that explain some interesting stuff about directing a movie.
  • Birth.Movies.Death.: Here, there are some of the most interesting reviews you can find about movies and TV series in the entire world!
  • Jamie Oliver - FoodTube: Is there anything more fun than sharing a meal with friends? Of course, there is: preparing and cooking it!
  • Omelete: Geek and pop culture everywhere! Are aliens invading us? Can the Jedi Masters protect us? Will we live long and prosper? That's the best nerd website in Portuguese.
  • PHD Comics: We should always be able to have a good laugh at our expense!

But, if you are actually looking for the funniest Economics papers ever written, I do recommend this video by Yoram Bauman.

By the way, open softwares are awesome! And cloud storage is very useful! Combine both and you get the really impressive LateX Editor ShareLatex, where you can write articles with many coauthors in a very easy way.