Intelligent / Cloud  Networking

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                                  INTELLIGENT   NETWORKING  / TECHNOLOGY
                                           Contributing to the empowerment of Intelligent / Cloud Networks

                                     Enterprise Networking Management,  - Air/Nettm offers hi-reliability LAN,

                                     WAN & Mobile Network Operation solutions, for state-of-the-art  Interactive

                                     Networking with comprehensive Analytics Initiatives; - thereby providing

                                     advanced Net Access that features integral Security Monitoring along with

                                     Virtual / Cloud Computing and Data Storage capabilities, - including:   

- Comprehensive Network  Analytics plus Net Intelligence / Control, 

                                                with Dynamic Security / Surveillance.
                                         - Integrated Net Gateways and Firewalls, featuring dedicated

                                               Virtual Networking Servers and Controllers.
                                         - Secure Cloud Computing and On-Demand Storage facilities

                                               with Encrypted Information content management.
                                                 AccordinglyAir/Nettm  provides managed Virtual / Cloud Networking

                                        and implementation capabilities for the secure utilization of LAN/WAN & VLAN

                                        or WiFi/WiMax/Wireless Intelligent Networking systems, - while also offering 
                                        high-performance, world-class Network products and facilities, including:

                                                                    Servers                 Mobility                 Firewalls        
                                                                   Routers                WiFi/Max                Gateways                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Switches              iCloud Net              CySecurity

                                      These Intelligent Networking and iNet Operations solutions include specialized

                                           options for managing Network Infrastructure and Security, - typified by: 
                                                                     - Network Systems Engineering

                                                                    - iNet Communication Facilities

                                                                     - Performance Status Monitoring

                                                                    - Cyber Security and Surveillance

                                                                     - Networks Strategic Intelligence
                                                                     - Security Event/Data Correlation

                                                                     - Tracking & Data Content Control

                                                  NETWORKING  ANALYTICS

   -                                     The Air/Nettm Intelligent Technology capabilities for Network Management

                                     and Analytics can now enable Enterprise I-T facilities to significantly advance the

                                     dynamic Performance & Efficacy of  on-line Networking Operations, including:       


                                                  Systems Response            Content Integrity            Data Storage

                                                   Network Security               Usage  Privacy             I/O Surveillance 


                                            Virtual Networking Management and Analytics provides a true Integrated and 

                                      unified technology basis enhancement of global Data-Center Systems performance

                                      and Supervisory Intelligence, with automated:

                                          - Dynamic Operational Control and Cyber-Net Optimization, -
with Comprehensive

                                 Virtual-Net  Performance  Analytics, including: 


                                                                     - Traffic Rates & Storage Demand

                                                                     - Security and Intrusion Monitoring

                                                                     - Data-Base Access & Management 
                                                                     - Attack, Theft and Hacker Rejection
                                                                     - System Vulnerability/Risk Statistics
                                                                     - Supervision and Surveillance Control

                                             -  Now,  Networking Intelligence can empowers progressive Enterprise Systems to

                                     substantially improve the performance velocity  of Global Networks and Data-Centers,


                                                                      - Optimal Networking Performance  

                                                                      - Automation of Security Responses
                                                                      - Integrated DBA / Storage Structures
                                                                      - Predictive Operationals and Security

                                             - In additionAirNettm  supplies Integrated Virtual Network Operating Systems that

                                        encompass distributed Wide-Area Nets with I-T-Center infrastructure features, -for:

                                                                        - Networking Operational Centers
                                                                        - Gateway Network Communications
                                                                        - Virtual Network Servers and Storage                        

                                                                        - Secure Net Switching Equipment
                                                                        - Net Routing & Bridge Controllers
                                                                        - Secure Network Firewall Systems
                                                                        - Mobile Systems & Cloud Computing

                                                                         NETWORK   GATEWAYS   

                                            - The Vjrtual Net Gateway Systems provide a comprehensive solution for

                                       integral Networking:  Interfacing, Monitoring, Control & Analysis of multiple

                                       Gateway functional activities and protocol features, - including:


                                     Multi - Network Traffic & Security Operations:    
                                                                        - Gateway Data/Protocol Transfers

                                                                        - Cyber Attacks & Hacker Repulsion
- Viruses, Spam, Porn, Access Denials
                                                                        - Traffic Compliance and Risk Mitigation
                                               - Offering integrated Virtual Network infrastructures / Digital Communications

                                          facilities that enhance Gateway Operation and Performance, Surveillance / Viral

                                          Reversion controls; to optimize Networking thru-put and Data-Security,  including

                                          Malware & Viral elimination capabilities, for:

                                               Intelligent Networking and Security:           
                                                                     - Accelerated Traffic & illicit Content Controls
                                                                     - Viruses, E.Mail-Spam or Hacking Exclusions
                                                                     - Penetrations & Deviant Message Rejections 
                                              -To achieve leading-edge Interactive Networking and Traffic/Content Control,

                                         System Security and Viral Intervention, -providing:

                                                                Dynamic Net Performance / Management:

                                                                       - Traffic Supervision & Surveillance Control
                                                                       - Virtual
Fire-Walls and VPN Net Emulation 

                                                                       - Content / Data Intelligence & Surveillance

                                          - Thereby providing On-Line Interactive Network Enhance
d multi-disaplined analytics                                            and Security/Surveillance, that offer Accelerated Performance with reduced potential                                          Threats, thru both Reversion and Viral prevention  for variable Networking categories.


                                             Optimal Network / Performance is now attainable with inter-modal Virtual Machines

                                       featuring Communications Security for information transfers,l /content  filtering and

                                       encoded Web traffic, with prioritized Network intelligence.

                                             Kindly contact AirNettm  directly for Virtual Networking  technology references
and for

                                      specifications on Networking & Gateway systems, or Network Architecture, including

                                      Servers, Routers,Controllers and Secure / Mobility Systems.  


                                                              Phone:      248-438-5522


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