With the industrialization process of country using new technology replaces old technology has become an urgent need to create products with sleeker, more reliable, cost more competitive, ... To meet the needs VIETTHINH was born with the full enthusiasm of the Director and his colleagues have many years of experience in the field of welding technology, hopes night to the best satisfaction for the customer.

First time established on 13.02.2009 at a time when the whole world are in the economic crisis, we were the stronger pass facing difficulties. After 03 years with youth, intelligence and enthusiasm we've put VIET THINH COMPANY become top in the area of providing materials and equipment welding in Vietnam.

And Now: Turnover in 2011 was 03 million USD, 20-25 personnel experienced engineers in the field of welding cutting and electronics industry ... We are direct importer and distributor of brand: EDON, FILTECH, JASIC, HANSHEN, HYLONG, RILAND, JADON, AUTOWEL, PANASONIC, DAIHEN, SUNSHINE ... countries from China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, America, Italy, France, Germany. .. should always have various designs and the best price for your choice.

In the future: We seek and expand the joint venture with partners in and outside the country on the whole balance off the interests of parties to bring the most satisfaction for customers of quality, price and service.

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206 Le Van Quoi st, Binh Hung hoa A ward, Binh Tan Dist, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Tel: 84 08 54002281, fax: 84 08 42002282

www.hancatvietthinh.com.vn email: htv@hancatvietthinh.com.vn