Vidorg´s perspective to Health Care

In this free Google-portalsite  Lasse T. Laine, philosopher-social scientist- socialentrepreneur in his consulting company Vidorg,
Uppsala,Sweden- presents an overall view of his blogs, written papers or other ongoing notes etc. to the central theme of H.C.
(reformation work on Health Care).

Mr. Laine has a longterm interest in this sector both as a philosopher and social scientist who has presented reformation proposals
for the Swedish H.C. in his SINUS- paper 1990 ( academic paper on C-D- level in Economic History, University of Uppsala),
including a proposal for a new model of public sector * and having had a workplace during 70´s - 90´s in this sector.

As a socialentrepreneur he has background in both the local business through his company building (Vidorg- , M.O.-, MMU-,
IDB Services-groups) with intention to build up a global enterprise or consulting company, and in the local politics as a president for
the Finnish speaking Socialdemocrats in Uppsala 1984-88.
His new model of public sector * (Partially Market Directed Public Sector) could give a new developemental stage for party programs for
socialdemocratic parties in the worlds- according to his opinion- and a  kind of long term H.C-strategy for Democratic Party in USA too.

In his blogs on and Facebook (se links below) concerning the reformation of H.C. in USA,his perspective has been
a kind of longterm synthesis- work: a work uniting Democrat´s/ the USA government´s reform lines but adding to it even the larger perspective
of the new paradigm of science and the various further developements of society and it´s sectors on it´s new grounds (fe. in economics:
a new kind of secure M.O. derivate instrument, NMEP- growth policy, new grounding ideas for the economic theory etc- possibly worked
through later when the first, now passed stage has won support ).
Due to the global trend of demographic change of elderly people the both forms of  his H.C. project will be more and more actual in coming years
whether in public, extented form- fe. in reforming thesystem of the public health care (by different forms, depending on the society in
question- by company Vidorg´s socialentrepreneurial work) or in the private, remote healing project.

Contacts for both forms of interest can be filled in the first of 3 forms A-C. below.
If interested- fill my questionary on this formspage provided by Google :

A. Interest in Vidorg´s working perspective for the H.C.:

Remote healing project- news

The project work goes forward. Today Mr. Laine visited the opening, public seminarium of the new Uppsala- Umeå Cancer Consortium Research
project and database for both clinical doctors and research workers in this field. Mr. Laine took up even his new, alternative, multi-disciplinary
approach of both his private project (this) in remote healing, and the further developement work of his proposal for the new paradigm of science
which could be involved in U-CAN as a basic research, based on the material collected in their project. Besides this, Mr. Laine tries to wake interest in
both in Stockholm (in Karolinska Institutet, Stockholms university,Parapsychological Society) and internationally (public h.c. and private companies).

For Private Patients

Here is the new form (of the 3 ones- se the above) to be filled, if you are interested to be involved in this kind of remote healing project.

B. Private Patient Involvement Form

Thank you for your interest and reading this page.

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