This is a sub- website of the entire work of R David Foster.

Although there are links in both the navigation tabs and the navigation panel to the left, to other sub-sites as well as the main R David Foster site, this site is mainly for other paintings I have done. Space limitations have forced me to split my work to more sites and link them together with url's.

If you have any difficulty with the navigation of my online work, please do not hesitate to express any frustrations by contacting me at vid932008@gmail.com .

Thank you for your interest !

R David Foster, not wishing to impose more words on anybody, most importantly himself, provides this SITE for anyone who wishes clarification through explanations by means of images. Honestly, let me tell personal stories as true as I can possibly remember, which is pretty true if I bother to remember at all, and pretty verifiable if I'm bothering to remember or else it really means nothing to remember it because nobody will ever believe anything I feel worth remembering . . . whatever!

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Currently I am doing the final edit of the book HESUS JOY CHRIST - Discussion of the Animation which will be available at www.lulu.com in about a month or so.

As well, I am am painting self portraits in watercolour from photographs which are posted under the Watercolour Self Portraits 2013 menu under the Painting menu item at the top left of this page.

Enjoy !!


Currently I am writing and posting the verse by verse discussion of HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Foretold which can be found under the Animation item on the menu at the left of this screen.

As well, I am drawing and painting, from memory, places I have camped overnight when out and about in my kayak. These drawings and paintings are being posted in the Kayak Campsites section , on the menu at the left of this screen.

Enjoy !!

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