Pencil Portraits

Here are some black and white pencil, and pencil crayon coloured portraits I have completed both recently and around ten years ago. Where available, I have included the date I completed them. The coloured ones were done from photographs and the black and white pencil drawings were done from life.

I am available to draw portraits at your event ! I draw black pencil line drawings in 15 minutes each of subjects sitting still for that period of time. I have done this twice at church bazaars and it was very successful.

Don't worry - I do NOT do caricatures !!

Contact me at to enquire !

2012-06-04 David

2012-06-11-001 Tony

2012-06-11-002 Tony

Coloured Pencil Portraits from Photographs

These were all done from photographs about ten years ago.

1999 001

1993 Self Portrait

This Self Portrait, was completed in either 40 or 20 minutes, and the Drawing Instructor included it in her teacher's portfolio. I drew this while looking in a mirror, and I did not want to move my head as I glanced at the mirror, and instead kept my face toward the drawing. This created the view with my eyes looking through my eyebrows, and created the moodiness. It was selected for the Touched By Fire Art Show and Sale this past November 15th, 2012, and was displayed as Not For Sale, since it is the first work in my personal portfolio.


18" x 24"

Current as of 2012-11-15

Pencil 8-1/2"x11"

2012-06-11 001 Tony

2012-06-11 002 Tony

2000 - Gord and Songhui

This is a scan of a colour photocopy, so make do !


This drawing was too light in the scan so it has been darkened.

2006 - 002