Victor James ltd

Manufacturer of Re-enactment Historical Tents

Below is the basic catalogue, showing current prices, and to give an idea of what is possible. Also, photos of tents (click the "Photos" link at the top)
Only a third of the tentage Victor makes is in this catalogue, please contact him to discuss variations and bespoke designs. 
Victor is happy to discuss making tentage in materials supplied, Linen, Wool, Leather, etc.
Victor also makes awnings, historical camp equipment (such as tables and stools) and supplies replacement tentage equipment such as:
Dollies, pegs, sliders, metalwork, guys and poles, from stock or to your requirements.

Victor only uses the best quality 12 oz rot and water resistant canvas from Ingles of Dundee 
            This canvas is not fire retardant, it just doesn't burn! 
            `There's canvas and there's Ingles of Dundee canvas`

For more information, see Victor James Ltd on Facebook
  For up to date prices ,, Email 
Or to place an order, contact Victor at:
427 Anglesey Road
Burton on Trent
DE14 3 NE

tel.: 01283 510285


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