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Breastfeeding Classes & More

Basic Breastfeeding Class - Phone, Office & Home Consultations

Breastfeeding Basics is a one-time, two-hour class that will help you discover the wonders of breastmilk and the keys to getting started with breastfeeding. Dads are always welcome and encouraged to attend.

Two heads will be better than one during those first weeks home with baby.

Breastfeeding and Working class is a one-time session. It will provide you with useful information as you make your plan to return to work or school. You will learn about pumps, pumping schedules, milk storage and much more.

Whether you plan to continue breastfeeding except at workplace, pump and bottle feed only or combinations thereof, any and all questions are welcomed and helpful suggestions available.

Phone Consultations are available at no charge, anytime, for simple questions and reassurance.

Home-Visit Consultations DISCONTINUED can be scheduled for any age baby but are especially valuable to reassure and assist new parents in the early weeks.

Office Consultations can be scheduled by the hour. Mini-consultations of 1/2 hour for less involved evaluations are also available.