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Automation Intelligence


   Monitoring   Systems

Automation  Intelligence & Control Features:

                        - Adaptive Dynamic Facility Monitor
                        - Intelligent Supervision 
& Analysis
                        - Process Surveillance or Alarming
                        - Automatic Production Monitoring

                        - Statistical Product-Quality Trends                           

                        - Enterprise Performance Reporting

                        - Processing Intelligence & Analytics
    - WAN/LAN/WiFi  Wireless Networks                      


The Matrixtm Intelligence Monitoring / Control Systems are now offered for dynamic:

 - Automated Monitoring, Supervision & Control of industrial, business 

and/or environmental facilities, processes and equipment.

These miniature, highly reliable Matrixtm Monitoring/Control Systems are designed for              Adaptive/Intelligent Surveillance, Inspection or Control of continuous and discrete processes,                    in manufacturing, automation, security and mobile facilities, -including applications for:

   Production Monitoring          Security & Surveillance          Assembly & Inspection
   Process Quality Control        Environmental Analysis         DAS
  RFID Tracking
   Maintenance/Diagnostics      Facility/Building Controls       Mobile
 & Web Networks
     A powerful 
PC/Micro-Processor System is featured in these modular or mobile Monitor /            /Controllers, with integral A/D, DAS and R.F. Networking; - -plus H-D Video                        and advanced Sensory I/O Interfaces for Analog/Digital signals.  Interoperable Real-Time O/S                    and imbedded Software options also facilitate logical inferencing, statistical analysis or trend          alarming with process/manufacturing optimization and predictive feed-back, plus DDC or FM/E                  and Wireless WEB/WiMax Networking options.   

      -Now, major processes and facilities can be automatically monitored by these Matrix
tm                                    Systems, for: - On-Line Surveillance, Control and Tracking with Predictive Data Analysis or                 Trending plus Web/WiMax Networks and Remote I/O, featuring:
   Video/Image Processing          Product I-D/Recognition         
Central Monitoring
   Remote Sensors/Displays       Automatic Entry/Control         Optic/Radar Scans

    The Matrix
tm Intelligence Monitoring/Control System's advanced Micro- Processor and                       System Software permit incorporation of: - menu-driven A/I and Logical Algorithms and/or                       Expert Programming options to statistically monitor or optimize process trends and thereby             automatically enhance on-line system performance, thruput and control functions; -relative                        to productivity and quality specifications




  -Also, interactive operator guidance features are included with these Matrixtm Monitoring                        Systems, that incorporate dynamic GUI Touch-Screen Graphic Displays for MOBILE process                   analysis, including: - - statistical characteristics, operating parameters,with trend/limit alarming                and data storage/reduction, - for on-line diagnostics and history reporting.

    -The reliable Matrix
tm Monitoring and Control Systems can incorporate the following modular                 options:

I. RUGGED/PC or RISC u-Logic            II. GUI/Graphics LCD Color Display
   Expandable Flash & Stick Memory                 Operator Touch or PenScreen I/O
   Integral Micro-Disk Storage Option                 HandHeld R.F. Terminal
 & Kbd.
   Adaptive A/I 
& Logistics Algorithms         III. MicroMems Sensor/Controller I/O
   MultiSignal Analog/Digital Converter              Analog/Digital
 & Video Interfaces 
   R-T Clock 
& 115 Vac or  Battery Pwr.              E/M,Vision/Optic/Sonic/Radar Opt.
& Cellular/Wireless Networking              Mobility: Web/WiMax Nets/Controls

       -The MATRIX
tm INTELLIGENCE  MONITORING/CONTROL SYSTEMS are supported by                      extensive staff Engineering services, as well as compatible libraries of object-oriented                              Software for system programming, including: 

           Graphics Display/Monitoring      
    Process Analysis / Optimization
   SPC Statistics & Quality Control
           Security Control/Surveillance         
           Multi-Loop PID/DDC Control           
Video/Optic/Supervisory Controls
           Menu-Driven I/O Operation              
Remote Web/WiMax Networking  

    -Support services and specifications for the Matrixtm Monitoring Systems  are available from:

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